Are you looking for ideas to refresh the look of your apartment? If you are ready to accentuate the stark nooks and corners, then check out the exclusive collection of home décor featured on IKEA.

Decorating your apartment can be exciting, but at the same time, it can be a daunting task as well. Whether you are a nature lover, art enthusiast, or a book hoarder, your home should be filled with all the things that you adore. Read on to discover the ideas that are sure to add style to your home – and also discover how through IKEA room planner tool, you can easily amp up the overall aura of your rooms while staying in the comfort zone of your home.

Add Mirrors & Windows

IKEA Mirror

It is a renowned concept that since mirrors reflect light, they help in making small spaces feel bigger and brighter. You can also bring in more light to your apartment by adding frosted glass sliding wooden doors.

Through these you can feasibly divide zones of your rooms to some extra privacy and also the frosted glass will allow the continuous flow of extra light into your apartment. The glass sliding barn doors series featured on IKEA is available at affordable rates and it is perfect to conveniently separate the zones, inside of your apartment.

Spruce Up the Entryway with IKEA Room builder

Stylish items can work wonders when it comes to decorating a space. Just by adding a few stylish décor items, you can add a vintage feel to your apartment. You can also add a mirror on the entryway walls for last-minute touch-ups before leaving.

The addition of a slider three-seater for sliding in and out of the shoes will also save you some extra space at the entryway. In addition to that, you can also place sculptor hooks on the walls for hanging bags and coats and make that space look clean and organized.

Personalize yours with Bathroom Planner IKEA

IKEA Bathroom

If you have an attached bathroom with your living room, you can revamp its entire look with the small addition of monochrome curtains, or even towels for a much sharper look. Bring some extra color to the walls and empty spaces with artistic items like soap bottles and vases; as these will polish off the entire look.

You can also check out the latest bathroom range available on IKEA, featuring items that are perfect for display and are handy in usage as well.

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Bring Right Essentials to your Kitchen 

A home is incomplete without the right kitchenware. The necessities for any kitchen involve cookware, toaster, fruit bowls, vegetable baskets; the list goes on. For a more exclusive look, you can also invest in the appliances like a coffee maker to grab a quick brew in your mornings, and beautify your countertops at the same time with IKEA Kitchen Planner tool.

Organize Your Closet with IKEA Bedroom Planner

Nothing makes a room look messier than a clutter of clothing scattered throughout the room. Invest in the wooden Chesters or optimize your closet with drawers and hangers that can make your wardrobe look more assembled and tidy. Get more inspiration from IKEA Bedroom Planner.

Ecofriendly Storage for small space

Made of high quality linen fabrics eco-friendly, fabrics durable material, and it doesn’t have any odor. The handle is made of stainless steel, Designed to match interior decor and style in any room. Never rusts!

IKEA Fixtures

You can also replace the lights fixed on the apartment walls with classy fixtures vintage treasures. The right choice of light in all your rooms will amp up the overall ambiance of your apartment. 

You can always brighten up the drab spaces in your apartment by adding additional light. Whenever you plan on changing fixtures and shades in your rooms, always opt for vintage pieces. They look classy and are an excellent option in terms of durability as well. 

While adding correct lighting in your room, think of it in layers from top to bottom. Overhead lighting is a given and the addition of cozy lamps can provide a much-required soft touch to your rooms. However, while giving the entire lighting makeover to your rooms, make sure you do not forget the accent lighting to accentuate the art, cabinets, and bookcases.

IKEA Accessories

One of the best ways to uplift the color and personality of your apartment is through the addition of the right accessories. To bring more uniqueness to your space, look out for the vintage décor featured on IKEA. 

You can also bring a pinch of color through vibrant pillows. Moreover, you can also spruce up your apartment spaces with small items such as pottery, photo frames, or book covers. You can conveniently find all these items on IKEA at absolutely inexpensive rates.

Apart from small accessories, house plants also bring much-needed life to the blank spaces in your apartment also like your apartment foyer. The houseplants available on IKEA are affordable and easy to accommodate in your home. If you are a professional and work for long shifts, you can also try your hands on succulents, or other easy to care for species.

Some Art on the Walls with IKEA Wall Art

You can always paint your apartment walls white to make your small apartment look more spacious. Also, you can add more color to your blank white apartment walls through colored paint or wall art.

IKEA Wallart

Wall art can be really expensive if you search for it elsewhere, but if you have a theme in mind, search for your favorite picks on IKEA. The staple items available there will be the right selection to make your room walls cool and attractive. You might even find something that appeals to your personal style; hence will reflect your personality.

Designing individual rooms of your apartment can be tricky and it is often quite hard to visualize what the results will be. To have an accurate idea, one has to be a seasoned professional designer. But what about those who are not? No need to worry anymore! IKEA has a solution to this. To give you a virtual experience of what your particular room would look like after a makeover, the company has introduced its IKEA room planner tool.

Through the IKEA room planner, you can now feasibly craft perfect layouts for your space by choosing the right décor. Whether your choices are contemporary, traditional, or a fusion of both, through ikea room planner app you can virtually play around with the textures and colors you want to bring into your apartment. With this app, you will also be able to conveniently keep the track of budget of your purchased products.

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