Kitchen of a house or a restaurant, a benchtop is essential for cooking food. For the best productive preparation and cooking, it is essential to have a durable benchtop. For durability few of the natural stones are selected, one of them is the Calacatta marble benchtops.

Apart from durability, some other effective features make it the choice for kitchens. The features of all marbles are almost the same and yet this variant has its own demand. This marble has a unique appearance which is a natural texture. It adorns the place blending with a defined statement.

Calacatta marble benchtops

The Various Types Of Calcutta Marble

For classy designed natural bathrooms or a kitchen, it is best to provide a lucrative interior space. Their different kinds are installed in various spaces. Below mentioned are few variants:

Calacatta Marble Extra

It is one of the suitable kinds for kitchen benchtops. When you are looking for the Calacatta marble benchtops for your kitchen. It is best as it is one with defined veins texture that appears with tiger stripe. The slabs are glossy with polished layers and shiny appearances. It is not only applicable in a kitchen but also all indoor spaces for floors and walls as tiles.

Calacatta Borghini

Top hotels and shopping malls have the beautiful aesthetics of the materials of Borghini. The texture with the blend of colours blue and gold gives a mesmerizing flooring or countertops designs. Marble tiles and benchtops are easy to clean, also it is scratch-free. It helps in maintaining the cleanliness and the classic appearance of the kitchen.

Calacatta Marble benchtops

Calacatta Oro

It is best for residential designs of marble benchtops with a natural shine of the stone. The fine lines or textural veins of the gold colour defeats other marbles. Considering it in terms of maintenance and appearance when used as Calacatta marble benchtops. 

Few Facts About Calacatta Marble Benchtops 

Calacatta marble benchtops
  • Marble Benchtops can be installed for any purpose. It can be for laboratory use in any institution or any kitchen in a house. They serve as the worktop that undergoes different kinds of wear and tear. It is one of the reasons that the worktop should be of the best quality so that it serves the purpose without causing damages to the worktops. 
  • Calacatta marble benchtops are the best materials that may be expensive but are durable with high aesthetics. It is popular due to its beautiful texture and colour.
  • The property of heat resistance and easy maintenance is another reason. It is installed in different sectors dealing with heat and fire. 
  • Above all, Calacatta marble benchtops cutting and installation of the stones are also easy and quick. As the installation is carried out, under expert and skilled labourers. The marble benchtops are comparatively the best of their kind relative to wood or concrete.  
  • These marbles are expensive and also not easily available in the market. It is similar to other marble stones. There are various kinds of marble stones in the market. But it is one of the distinctive materials that make it the most expensive.
  • The kitchen space is a place dealing with high temperatures. The heated utensils and fires of flames. The marbles are the best to resist heat and fire.

Lastly, the rare designs of these marbles make it the most preferable for the top interior design for top houses and commercial places. The colours are light making the Calacatta marble benchtops look elegant, but the natural texture ensures a classy ambiance. Kitchens with benchtops can be of various materials. It can be of simple concrete slabs or black marble stones or tiles.

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