Are you looking for an ultimate budget-friendly kitchen planning or redesign? Opt for IKEA for good-quality goods without putting a dent in your pocket.

On average the complete reconfiguration of a kitchen layout may cost approximately between $20,000 to $114,000. If you want to spruce up your kitchen without splurging on expensive products then IKEA can provide you with a cutting-edge affordable collection, featured in its exclusive kitchen ensemble.

Whether you are searching for glided cabinets or orated woodwork, all their kitchen products are inexpensive and ideal for both small and large spaces.

Want to try your hand on IKEA’s classic kitchen décor but don’t know where to start? Fret not! We have you covered. Read on this blog for some handy tips to revamp your kitchen through IKEA kitchen planning.

IKEA Kitchen Planning

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Measure the Dimensions of Your Kitchen

As you plan out the layout of a new design for your kitchen, make sure you carefully take accurate measurements of all the spaces, wherever you want to accommodate your appliances. This will be even more convenient if you take measurements while your kitchen space is completely empty.

Once you have taken all the measurements, you will also get a better idea about where to incorporate your windows, bulkheads, and partial walls.

Plan the Nooks & Corners Beforehand

Enhance the aura of your kitchen with minimalistic designs. The lesser the items in your kitchen, the more spacious and aesthetic vibes it will exude.

Planning out your kitchen spaces beforehand is one of the easiest ways to decorate your kitchen. By carefully considering its efficiency, you will get a better idea about where the dishwasher should be placed, or where you should put the cooking utensils. To bring extra color to your kitchen, you can also place fragrant plants and succulents on the extra spaces, on countertops.

Introduce Quality Materials

Many kitchen designers recommend IKEA products because they are cost-effective. If you look at the original pieces of oak wood designs or plywood cabinets, you will observe that they are available at hefty rates in the market. However, as an alternate, you can always choose IKEA cabinets that are made from laminated practical board. Although, in terms of durability the practical board is not as long-lasting as the solid wood; it can certainly be a frugal alternative for original plywood items.

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Choose Earthy Color Palette

Evoke warmth in your kitchen with countertops and backsplash in earthy colors. You can add the countertops available in brown terracotta and other subtle hues.

The latest trend is to add kitchen countertops made from naturally soothing materials such as granite, marble, or quartz, which are quite expensive in comparison to the other options. You can always opt for the alternatives available for these materials, at IKEA. Visit the store to observe the detailing of all the products and their durability.

Whether you have a spacious kitchen with a central kitchen island or you have a simple kitchenette, the addition of countertops in a variety of materials by IKEA will give an aesthetic edge to the overall look of your space.

Using IKEA Online Kitchen Planning Tool

IKEA kitchen planning is an exciting new initiative that the company has introduced. With the IKEA 3D kitchen planning tool, you can easily evaluate the dimensions of your space, after the virtual accommodation of all the materials and appliances.

It helps you get the actual idea of how your kitchen might look like after remodeling. This is also one of the most favorite features of homeowners these days.

Your kitchen is that one space where, as a homemaker, you spend most of your time. With the IKEA kitchen planning tool, you can imagine how you want to recreate the new look for your kitchen while keeping track of the costs of all the materials.

In the market, the IKEA pieces are available in disassembled form. Ideally, getting your goods delivered at your home serves as the best option rather than bringing it in bulk in your car. When the order arrives at your place, don’t be surprised to see 100 or perhaps even more boxes of the most contemporary design that you have selected. IKEA is popularly known for its flat-pack delivery and delivers all the items in its own packed boxes.

While revamping your kitchen, it can be really frustrating to find the right pieces for your kitchen and then accommodate them also on your own; it can be a huge hassle. It is always recommended to pay for the support service provided by the company, to conveniently place and install all the required items in your kitchen.

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