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Hey! This is Sharika. Thanks for stopping by. Here is a little about Sevenedges.

When you check the travel reads, you may think that I am an avid traveler, but no.
I travel, but not frequently, not solo either. I travel with my family. We have been to places.
Like every other family, when we travel, my priority goes to safety.
When we plan or decide a trip, I start surfing everything about the place and keep the details or guides handy, and you may find many tips and guides at sevenedges which came handy and also the tips from what we experienced.
I have gone through many guides and travel sites useful but many not. I have tried my best here.
During all our travel days, I have made sure that by evening we are settled and not on road.

At Sevenedges, you will find anything from travel friendly gadgets and budget friendly spaces to well-researched travel guides, experienced stay reviews, and amazing yet budget friendly places to stay, dine & relax which make your trip a memorable yet enjoyable one.

Other than spending time on Sevenedges, and being a homemaker I work with realestate agents and photographers in finding marketing solution for selling a property. So spending years checking the virtual tour of many beautiful property I am just obsessed with the interiors of many houses, their color scheme, furnishing and everything about house.
That is how I came up with Sevenedges board Chic Decor. On Chic Decor, I prefer or focus more on greenery, and ecofriendly decor. But is not limited to that.

And a bit about Positive Energy.
As a human being at one point of time we all get bored or a thought comes up to give up things.
That is the time, positive energy reads give us a shoulder that we are not alone in this and we can get through everything and its just about a moment.

Personal Suggestion – Read |You are a Badass By Jen Sincero|. Might be of good help!

Have Fun at Sevenedges

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