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Explore Auroville – The City of Dawn – In Puducherry with Family

Auroville, also known as the ‘City of Dawn’, is an interesting city dedicated to sustainability, peace, and blissful consciousness. Inaugurated on 28th February 1968, Auroville is located 12 km from Puducherry and was built to be an ideal society. Your first steps in Auroville will take you into a universe...


5 Wearable Gadgets That Will Be Your Best Friends While Camping

When you travel, the odds are that you will be interested in working your way through some nifty gadgets that might not have much utility for you while you are at home but may well prove invaluable while backpacking. And this holds true, in a place where you are ‘roughing...

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7 Forts and Palaces to Visit in Jodhpur During a Family Vacation

Located on the edge of the Thar Desert, Jodhpur was the capital of the erstwhile Marwar kingdom ruled by the Rathore family. It is also called the Blue City thanks to the blue houses that dot the city’s landscape. Jodhpur is rich in culture and history and has several monuments...

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Best Social Media Tools for Gaining a Competitive Edge

Are you thinking of boosting your business’s social media marketing campaigns? A business could have successful social media marketing campaigns provided it invests in the most effective tools for not only managing but optimizing their posts. Let us explore some of the most popular social media marketing tools. In this...

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Lesser-Known Places to Visit in Jaipur with Family

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, is one of India’s most popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists alike. People flock to the Pink City to take in its palaces, forts, and temples. It goes without saying that most tourist places in Jaipur figure in every traveller’s itinerary. However, there are...

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5 Reasons To Trust Professional Interior Design Services

In case, if you have not thought of hiring an interior designer, you should definitely do so. It is indeed a smart decision to hire interior design services, especially if you have invested some good amount of money in your home, and if you want to showcase it to just...

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Top Must Have Features for Your Garden

If you have a garden, you know how much of a blessing it is. It is a great place for relaxation, but it can also be a super fun gathering place for you and your friends. If you have children, they have a place to play safely, and you can...

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5 Ways to Turn Your Home Into Relaxation Heaven

It’s important that you’re comfortable in your own home. Your house is your own sanctuary; a place where you can let your hair down, put your feet up, and simply relax. Unfortunately, a relaxing home is not always what everyone has. Some people find it hard to stay peaceful in...

5 Ways for Working Women to Clean Your Kitchen Less Often 1

5 Ways for Working Women to Clean Your Kitchen Less Often

Having a clutter-free kitchen is quite challenging, especially if you are working most of your hours. In fact, it can be really daunting for some women to maintain a clean kitchen while pursuing a career. Even so, this does not mean that you can take your work as a free-pass...

5 Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2018 -19 1

5 Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2018 -19

The bathroom is a kind of your personal zone in the home where you relax and get prepared for the daily routine so, it should be aesthetic and functional. In the recent past, as the market evolved many new and versatile trends launched which you can’t resist plotting in your...

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