Painting the walls is a great way to update the interior. New paint has a refreshing spirit and the ability to assign a place a unique character. On the other hand, wainscot panels are an excellent home decorating feature that can elevate a place almost singlehandedly. So, when it comes to painting both walls and wainscoting, how do you keep a balance?

Many homeowners struggle with selecting the right color scheme for the walls and the wainscoting. Let’s find out some fantastic ideas regarding how to determine the colors:

Create a Striking Contrast

Simple wall panel wainscoting may seem low-key in a room that has other focal points such a gorgeous chandelier or a mahogany dining table. A contrasting color palette could be an excellent way to give it a strong presence. Why not try a Grey and Yellow color combination.

Paint the molding in crisp white and use the same shade on the ceiling too. In that case, paint the upper half of the wall in a dark color. The room will have a perfectly balanced palette if the floor is dark too. The white ceiling and wainscotings will counterbalance the dark areas.

Wainscot and Wall Colors

You could apply this trick in a reverse way too. Paint the wainscoting in a dark color and keep the rest of the wall area light with a soft color. However, don’t do it if the wainscoting has intricate design and details. If you are trying to find house renovations ideas for kitchens or living rooms, Model-Home Makeover will provide frugal makeover solutions.

Or a Striking Balance

Do it by applying different shades of the same color or colors that are near to each other on the color wheel. The color of the wainscoting could be a few shades lighter or darker than the walls, making the feature as subtle as possible.

Wainscot and Wall Colors

You may think that such a palette looks boring, but it really helps to highlight the contour of each of the fixtures. The trims of the wainscot panels look beautiful with such a monochromatic color scheme.

A unicolor palette is also effective in creating a clean and modern appearance, pastels colors can be the new trend. It tones down the traditional feel and creates a modern aesthetic in a place.

Go Analogous

It refers to choosing two colors (could be light or dark) that are not similar but stays close to each other on the color wheel. An analogous color scheme creates little contrast and does not call for unnecessary attention. The wainscoting does not have to be the focal point every time. Treat it as a regular decorating item and give something else the chance to shine, such as an artwork or a furniture piece.

Wainscot and Wall Colors

Consider the Functions

The functionality of the room also plays a role in determining the colors of the wainscoting and walls. A crisp white or a soft color is perfect when the room is small. It will create an illusion of space by reflecting more light.

However, it will be a bad choice if it’s a high-traffic room such as mudroom or the kitchen. When lots of people regularly use a room, the white paint is sure to catch stains and dirt. You can still use a light color, though. Just give the walls and wainscoting a semi-gloss or eggshell finish so that cleaning them becomes a breeze.

You can take the color inspiration from other items in the room. Take their colors into account and then decide on the shade of the wainscoting. For example, if the chair upholstery or the couch is blue, don’t use two shades of blue on the walls and the wainscoting panels. In case if the room has many colorful items, choosing another bright shade for the shaker or bead board appears to be overkill.

Going with neutral paint colors will be the right choice. However, you can choose a vibrant color for this architectural feature if other items in the place are neutral. It will create a dramatic statement.


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