It is always not possible to have as many rooms for all the children we have, nor it is possible to change your house as and when you give birth to a new one. So, to cope up with the situation the older ones can share the available room. Let the baby have the privacy, please. How much easier will it be to design your older kids shifting room when it is a boy and a girl. Here are few trendsetting boy and girl shared room ideas so that you can just copy it without scratching your head.

Play with Colors and Wallpapers

Boys and Girls Shared Room Ideas

When you start to design a room, the wall shades will be foremost thing you will have to choose. You can go with lighter as well as darker shades.

Also a combination of two colors in sided walls with the opposite color wider shades would tie up the room. Instead of stripes, one can also try designing wallpapers, stickers, or wall decals with the contrast colors on the wall. A unisex color is also a good idea for the entire room if you are not interested in dividing the room with wall shades.

But all these ideas are something we normally end up with, like pink and blue shade or mixing up the colors of their favorite cartoons.

Take this a chance to make the room a bit different with the kid friendly design like Polka dots, Geometric design and Colorful Smoke Contemporary look on your wall. That gives a playful vibe yet not so cartoon. Such designs will fit them even they grow up and don’t make things messy. One more benefit is that you can shift the room to relatives for a couple of days and they will not feel like living in a cartoon world.

Avoid Centrepieces

Centerpieces are something which adds beauty to every room. But considering it as a children’s room, I would rather suggest not to include one if it is not that crucial.

Normally kids’ rooms are stuffed with their toys or their study materials. And they are not good at tidying their wardrobe as well, and it will be running around all over.

Here we can bring in some useful yet decorative things so that they can arrange their stuffs well. These useful items can be tiny floating shelves, decorative wall hooks, wall hanger, bag hanger, laundry baskets, wall clocks, Eco friendly alarm clock and maybe a beautiful rug as well. These add beauty to the room as well as they are useful for your kids to organize the things quickly.

Boys and Girls Shared Room Ideas

Must have Study Table and Bunk Bed

I believe that a study table, and a bunk bed will be the only remaining items or necessary one to include apart from the above mentioned. Buy a study table big enough with many storage spaces to meet both kids need. So that you do not have to add two study tables in a room.

A corner study table or an L-shaped study table would do magic to the small rooms.

If kids want more privacy, then I would recommend having two single beds on either side of the room and have a divider bookshelf in between. They can have their items on either side of the shelf. Hang a bedside storage pocket to store their ear plugs, books, water bottle organize at one place when they fall to sleep. Thus you can avoid things spreading on the bed.

And when you have two single beds in a room, then you can place the study table on the opposite side of the room facing the bed. You can fit things as per the size of the room and how or where the wall, door and a window are placed. Accidentally door should not hit when someone opens it from the other side.

Try these trendsetting Boy and Girl shared room ideas if you come across such a situation. Buy these useful yet decorative items so that you have not gone behind searching for one. If you are designing a boys bedroom or girls’ room separately you can check the designs in a separate read.

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