Make your morning energetic and fresh with these eco alarm clocks. You can get wide variety of eco-friendly alarm clocks. These clocks are made with natural materials which are safe for environment. They are sturdy and last long. Below mentioned are best eco-friendly alarm clocks suggested for your house. 

These alarm clock goes with all decor style like farmhouse decor, kids room with cartoon theme, be it a office room or a room with sleek design, a colorful decor or light shade decor. It fits to all decor style keeping its sustainable feature.

Essential Oil Diffuser Alarm Clock

This unique and beautiful alarm clock provides aroma therapy and can be used in office, anywhere in the house and even in the baby room. The humidifier is BPA free and eco-friendly and is certified by Intertek. This alarm clock is equipped with the Bluetooth speaker and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. It automatically reconnects to the last device used. You can set the diffuser timing based on your requirement and it automatically turns off once the water is empty. This alarm clock is perfect for relaxing or sleeping. The aroma therapy helps you to focus and is a kind of energy booster. It is best used in yoga and meditation to focus your mind and body. It is a classic eco-friendly gift option for your loved ones.

Kids Alarm Clock

Waking up early is a big struggle for kids. This multifunctional alarm clock makes your job easy in waking up your kid and your little one will kick start the day with this amazing alarm clock. It is made with high quality ABS material and the night light does not contain any harmful chemical or non-toxic substances. For complete safety of children, it is certified with CE/ROHS/FCC and is eco-friendly. It has large LED display for clear time, date and temperature. It can also be used as night light as it has 7 assorted coloured backlights and thus clearly visible during night. It also has 8 different alarm tunes to gently wake your kid. This simple and cute alarm clock is perfect to gift children on their birthdays.

Digital Alarm Clock with Desk Lamp

This elegant slim digital alarm clock has eco-friendly LED lightning with an anti-glare shade. It has LCD screen which displays time, date and temperature. You can set alarm or lighting time as required. It has touch sensitive panel for easy operation. It can be easily foldable and is the best energy saving device. It comes in 3 colour temperatures such as, warm white, natural white and cold white which can be used for work, study or relax. This clock can be the best option to gift your family and friends.

Sunrise and Sunset Simulation Alarm Clock

Wake up naturally and sleep peacefully with this eco-friendly sunrise and sunset stimulation alarm clock. It is clinically proven and recommended by physicians for healthy sleep habits. It comes with 5 different natural alarm tunes. It gradually increases the light same as natural sunrise which makes you feel fresh in the morning. It features FM radio and automatic dimmable display. It is the best energy booster alarm clock with the natural waking feature. It can also be used as bedside reading lamp. It is the best
eco-friendly alarm clock to gift your loved ones.  

Kids Trainer Alarm Clock

Teach your little one the healthy sleep habit with this beautiful eco-friendly alarm clock. It is made of ABS and silicone which is child safe. It shows different facial expressions with colours to teach your kid the sleep time and wake up time. You also get optional signaling showing yellow light half an hour before wake up and as the green light glows, your kid will understand that it is time to start the day. It comes with 3 alarm tunes and 5 different colours. This amazing eco-friendly alarm clock is the best choice to gift children for their birthdays and even can be gifted for baby showers. Make your parenthood easy with this eco-friendly alarm clock.

Wooden Alarm Clock

Wooden alarm clock that is beautifully handcrafted and is eco-friendly. Made of natural wood material which provides you healthy low carbon life and to ensure peaceful sleep, it has silent no ticking sound. The alarm tune increases gradually and has a snooze option. It also has night light function and time display which is available at night. This simple yet beautiful wooden alarm clock gives you the vintage look for your house and is a perfect eco-friendly gift option for your family and friends. 

Save the planet by selecting these eco-friendly alarm clocks to your house. These sustainable alarm clocks provide you healthy sleep environment. They are simple yet attractive and are the best gift options for your family and friends.

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