Area rugs are the perfect way to enhance your house décor. You will get plenty of eco-friendly area rugs which are made from natural materials which are non-toxic and are safe to use. For a better tomorrow, make use of these sustainable area rugs to adorn your house with their unique designs and vibrant colors and feel cozy and warm. Here is a list of best eco-friendly non-toxic area rugs that can be used to decorate your house and in turn save the environment.      

Soft Faux Fur Area Rug

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This area rug is super soft and is made of eco-friendly artificial animal fur. The front side of the rug is thick, plush, soft and dense which provides luxurious look to your house by providing you warmth and comfort and the back side of the rug has suede leather which is non-slippery and thus provide good grip. You can place this rug anywhere in the house like, living room, bedroom, dining room, guest room or kids’ room. You have the ease of using it because it is machine washable with cold water. This ultra-soft rug can be even used as a prop in photoshoot and will be a great gift option for your loved ones.      

Hand Braided Area Rug

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Adorn your living room with this amazing handcrafted area rug. This unique hand braided area rug is made of natural fibers like cotton and is eco-friendly, as you can see that it is handcrafted by skilled artisans in bohemian style. The vibrant array of colors makes this rug unique, stylish and versatile and is suitable for any style décor. Don’t wait any more to brighten your room with this beautiful eco-friendly bohemian handmade rug.

Faux Fur Round Rug

This elegant ultra-soft rug is suitable for any décor styles because it is made of sheep skin and natural fibers and is eco-friendly. The soft and silky touch texture provides you warmth and comfort. Give your home a luxurious touch with this charming rug which comes in various colors that you can choose from and can be placed anywhere in your house and is ideal for seat cover or even can be draped on your sofa or chair. One more added highlight is that it is fade resistant and can be easily cleaned. It provides warm during cold weather and can be the perfect gift option for your loved ones.

Kids Room Area Rug

Make your kids room look brighter with this beautiful area rug which is made of polypropylene fiber and is eco-friendly. It is super soft and fluffy and thus is best to use in kids room. The upper layer is velvet surface and has sponge interlayer. Anti-skid emulsion bottom that provides good grip is an added benefit and a reason for having it for your kids room. It can be cleaned easily and provide ultra-comfort. There are variety of vibrant colored rugs that you can choose based on your décor style. Perfect for modern style décor and can be the great idea to gift children on their birthdays or can be a vibrant Christmas present.

Natural Rubber Door Mat

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Natural Rubber door mat is the best eco-friendly area rug which is made from high quality natural rubber. Heavy-duty beveled rubber borders to trap the dirt and dust and is beautifully woven with polypropylene fabric which absorbs the moisture quickly and keeps your floor clean and dry. Durable, sturdy and easy to clean with good grip and is ideal for both indoors and outdoors. You can choose various colors as desired to enhance your entryway décor with this eco-friendly mat.   

Shaggy Area Rug

Eco Friendly Area Rugs

Soft fluffy rug with velvet surface and sponge interlayer makes it shaggy and comfortable. Made of high quality natural materials and thus is considered as eco-friendly. The super soft rug is ideal for children and is skin-friendly. It has rubber spots on the bottom which provides good grip and anti-slip. Make the children play area the most safe and comfortable with this area rug. This simple yet modern rug can be placed anywhere in your home. Choose from the variety of color options to decorate your home with this fade resistant and durable rug

As these eco-friendly area rugs are made from non-toxic materials, they keep you healthy, warm and cozy. If you need a sustainable interior, then these area rugs are the best option. Right eco-friendly area rug not only saves the environment, it is also the best product to brighten your house.   

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