Mirror plays a vital role in transforming your house to a vintage style. A small mirror on the wall is enough to change your room décor. These antique mirrors make your room appealing and are the best decorative piece on the wall. When choosing a mirror for vintage look, you get numerous options. Here are few best selected unique small antique mirrors that act as a wall centerpiece.
Small Antique Mirror

Peruvian Mirror

If you are looking for a handmade mirror, then check this out. This small antique Peruvian mirror is beautifully handcrafted in Cuscaja style with reverse painted glass technique and has a captivating flower decoration. This unique attractive mirror is definitely a wall centerpiece.
Small Antique Mirror

French Mirror

Go back to vintage era of French by hanging this beautiful small antique mirror on the wall. This mirror has an elegant blue coloured French style carving. It can be hung anywhere in your house and perfectly creates a rustic look.
Small Antique Mirror

Ceramic Cow Mirror

If you are a nature and animal lover, then you will definitely like this small antique cow mirror. It reminds you the pasture fields of Switzerland. This unique small mirror is an eye catcher and can also be the ideal gift for cow lovers.
Small Antique Mirror

Italian Mirror

The silver painted Italian small antique mirror gives the vintage look to your house. It resembles the cloakroom of 1960’s – 70’s and is one of the best antique collections. Make your wall a centerpiece by hanging this gorgeous small antique mirror.
Small Antique Mirror

Bohemian Mirror

If you love Bohemian style, then go for this small Boho antique mirror. The cotton macramé fringe is super attractive and gives your house a minimalist vintage décor. It undoubtedly act as a wall centerpiece and is an eye catcher.
Small Antique Mirror

Black Metallic Mirror

Give a shabby chic look to your wall with this unique small antique metal mirror. It has a chain to hang and has a small bird on the top that gives you the vintage touch. This cast iron antique mirror is truly an amazing vintage collection and is ideal for front door entryway.
Small Antique Mirror

Wooden Nautical Mirror

Add this small wooden antique mirror for your maritime collections. It has a hemp rope for hanging which creates a nautical feel. This charming solid wooden small antique mirror is definitely a centerpiece for your wall and gives your wall a rustic touch.
Small Antique Mirror

Wall Art using Small Antique Mirrors

Already having small antique mirrors and looking for DIY wall art? Then, Apezino gives you the great ideas of placing small antique mirrors on the wall and give your wall a new rustic look. Here, you can get crazy ideas of hanging hand mirrors on the wall. Check this website to get more wall decorative ideas using small antique mirrors.
These small antique mirrors goes well with all types of décor styles, especially Farmhouse and Minimalist décor style. Transform the plain hallways and dull corners of your house with these stunning antique mirrors.
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