How to Trace Outline of an Image in Microsoft Visio 2016

At times, you may require to draw the outline of an image – like the complex mechanical instruments,country map or new product’s outer outline etc. Here is the way we can achieve it.

Import the image and lock it in the Visio page

  • Open a blank Visio page and paste the image that you need to draw
  • Go to Layers –> Assign to Layer. This will help you later to toggle the image’s lock and unlock states. Follow the steps mentioned in the below image









  • Assign the name









  • Now, Select the image and go to Layer. Select Layers and set the Layer Property by selecting the image.
  • Tick the checkbox to lock the  image

Now the image in the Visio page has been locked.

Trace the outline of the image

  • To start trace, go to Home–> Tools and select Freeform








Point your cursor tip where you want to start,  click and drag to next point. Keep doing it for the entire image


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