Have you ever had issue while copying the diagrams from one scale to a different scale in Visio.  I had many situations where I created the floor plans with lot of texts/legends in it and later client ask me to change page scale. I tried to group all the shapes and then pull/push the corners. No, it going to screw up the plan and alignment.

Here is the simple solution to solve the issue.

Problem: How to Change the Page Scale in Visio Without Disturbing the Alignment ?

Suppose my visio diagram is of 1/8”=1’0” scale. Note the the selected radio option is “Pre-defined scale”

Visio Scaling

Now, I want to make it 3/32″=1’0″. If we directly make the scale change, we may face the alignment issue

visio scaling issue

So, to address it, copy this to another page and make sure to select “No Scale” as below

Visio Scale issue
You will not find any issue here.
Next step is to copy this No Scale diagram to 3/32″=1’0″ page. Now, you not face any alignment issue.

This is helpful when you have completed the work and needs to change the scaling later point of time..

Hope it helps. If yes, give a like!!!

Microsoft Visio 2016 Step by Step Book by Scott A. Helmers

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It is a great How to guide for visio basics

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