With so many businesses competing to capture new clients on Instagram, it is crucial to ensure that your business is always on top of the game. With Instagram having more than 700 million users now, you have an opportunity to get more clients and grow your business if you know how to capture the attention of your target customers. Here are tips that will help you to stand out from your competitors.

5 Trusted Tips That Will Help Your Business to Stand Out from Your Competitors on Instagram

Your profile

Make sure that you work on your business profile on Instagram. Your profile is what people will first look at when they get to your Instagram account. Therefore, your profile picture should be clear and be a true representation of your business. This is because your profile picture will show up whenever you share your images and on the news tab when individuals get notifications.  Make sure that your Bio captures what your business is about and include a link to your website.

Post regularly

With social media, people are inclined to love consistency. Therefore, you must ensure that you consistently update your posts on Instagram. This will help you to get your name to users and enable you to connect with more people. Make sure that you post at least 3 times every week. However, you can still post every day if you want to, but ensure that you have interesting images and posts for your clients.

You should be human

For your business relationship to flourish on Instagram and beyond, you must be available to your target audience. People tend to trust businesses that are there for them. Make sure that you respond to comments within 12 hours after they have been posted. By responding in good time, your followers will know that you are real and will be able to interact with you and your business. Make sure that you engage with people using Famed.co and you will have a loyal following of actual customers buying your products and services.

Get graphic

Instead of just posting normal photos that promote your products and brand, it is advisable that you get a bit graphic. Adding some graphic elements will make your pictures more artistic and appealing. You can also put pictures or images of your services or products on graphic backgrounds and add some graphic overlays. This will make your pictures more unique and will be eye-catching to your followers.

Utilize hashtags

Hashtags are an excellent way of gaining target followers and they will help you bring engagement on your Instagram account. Hashtags will help you make it easy for individuals that know you to follow you. This is because they will be able to distinguish who is talking and about what and what followers are participating in.  Make sure that your hashtags are relevant to your business so that they can help you sell.

When using your Instagram account to vouch for your business, you should avoid being too polished. Changing technologies are making people more social and you have to stop appearing too professional or too formal. Get to the level of your followers and interact with them. You can even post less formal pictures that show your employees, your warehouse backgrounds, customers, and your office to increase engagement with your clients.

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