The Isle of Man is a sea bound kingdom which is self-governed by British Kingdom. It is situated in the Irish Sea between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It is a small beautiful island which offer everything for tourists. The extraordinary landscape and rich heritage attract tourists worldwide. The small island has captivating hills, narrow waterfalls, countryside, stunning wildlife and amazing coastline that attracts both nature lovers and adventurers.

Isle of Man

How to Reach Isle of Man

By Plane

Travelling through air is the most convenient way to reach Isle of Man as it has great air links with major airports in UK and Ireland. You have many airlines travelling from UK to Island of Man in just 30 minutes. The Ronaldsway is the only airport of Isle of Man situated in the south island in Ballasalla. Once you reach the airport, you can take bus to reach Douglas, the capital of Isle of Man, which departs every 20 minutes from airport.

More information on flights, bookings and fares, visit Isle of Man Airport.

By Ferry

If you wish to sail, then ferry is the most comfortable option. Ferry services operate from five ports to Douglas namely, Liverpool, Heysham, Belfast, Dublin and Birkenhead. Ferries are run by Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. For more information of ferries, visit Steam Packet.

More About Isle of Man

Traveling in or Isle of Man Travel Guide

Book a Taxi

You can pre-book a taxi to your accommodation through many firms or even hire a car. In the airport you can get information on taxis or rental cars. Here are some taxi companies that help you travel in Isle of Man.

Rent a Car

If you wish to explore this beautiful island by your own, then you need rent a car. There are many car rental companies that offer you desired car and you can enjoy privately and travel with your own pace by renting a car. Here are some list of rental companies in Island of Man.

Railways and Buses

Travelling through heritage railways is the best way to explore amazing landscape and heritage centers. Go Explore Card is a travel card that allows you to travel unlimited by using schedule buses and train services throughout Isle of Man. You can get this card online or personally in all the main stations, airport information desk, House of Manannan in Peel and welcome center in Douglas sea terminal. 

You can enjoy the beautiful view of countryside, coastline and bays when travelling through train or bus.

More information on bus stops, map and timings, visit Bus Man.

Visitor Information Points

There are many tourist information points throughout Isle of Man to help tourists in finding the key activities and main attractions. Sea Terminal in Douglas has the visitor information center and you can find these information centers in main towns and villages.

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Photo by James Qualtrough on Unsplash

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