If you are a parent to toddlers, chances are you have been looking for toy storage ideas for small spaces. It isn’t always feasible to have a huge playroom for your kids, and the bigger a space is, the messier it can get! We all know that one of the biggest challenges of parenthood is dealing with your kids’ toys. Either you are trying to teach your kids how to tidy up after playtime, or you are doing it yourself every day at 10.30 pm. There has to be a better way, right?

Well, there is! Here are some toy storage ideas for small spaces that aren’t just easy on your budget, but might even help with teaching your kids how to put away their toys after playing with them.

Reusable Baggies

toy storage ideas for small spaces

For toy sets made up of many tiny components – such as Lego sets, building blocks, or pretend play sets like kitchen sets – reusable baggies are your best friends. They are typically used to store food but make a great toy storage option too! They take up much less space than the boxes. The toy sets come in and make sure none of the pieces are lost or mixed up. These silicone baggies are eco-friendly, much more durable than single-use plastic bags. And you can throw them in the dishwasher if they start looking dusty with time.

Lidless Bins

toy storage ideas for small spaces

Large lidless bins or baskets make it easy for kids to put their toys away after playing with them since all they have to do is dump them in! These baskets can be placed on top of cabinets or tables, which makes them suitable for small spaces. The handles on these baskets are contoured to give you a better grip and make them easier to lift. Its smooth finish means they are easier to clean. Check out the collection from Container Store., which gives you a wide range of selection.

Clear Drawer Towers

toy storage ideas for small spaces

These clear drawer towers are one of the best toy storage ideas for small spaces as suggested in Days with Grey. Because they only take up a corner of the room, but can store many toys within the three drawers available. The clear drawers make it easy to see what’s inside, and these are great for teaching your kids how to organize their toys by categories! For example, you can store toy people in one drawer, toy food in another, and animals in the next one, etc.

Toy Hammocks

storage ideas for small spaces

Toy hammocks are among many people’s favorite toy storage ideas for small spaces because they double as décor! This hammock can be set up over your child’s bed or desk, or in a corner of the room. It comes in many colors so you can easily match it to the rest of the room’s décor. Best for storing stuffed animals, plush toys, or dolls. The best part is that the manufacturing company, MiniOwls, makes a donation to a cancer foundation with every purchase!

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