Storing Clothes or maintaining the storage of clothes is not an easy task even if it sounds simple. Cleaning and storing of clothes in good condition has a lot to do for its prolonged life. Not only the expensive one, but all your clothes also need good attention and care. Keeping clothes in an organized way will allow you to save time and get outside in a good look. It also helps in leaving your space clutter free and disciplined.

Storing Clothes

Tips for Storing Clothes

Clean your garments properly before you store it anywhere, and let it stay away from heat and sunlight.

Keep your clothes in a dry place, leaving it damp or wet areas will make your clothes smell bad overtime due to bacteria and mold.

Make sure your walk-in Closet is dry and free from dust. It is the best place to hang or store your clothes. If you are limited to space, then keeping your clothes in plastic storage containers and let it stay under your cot. Naming the containers will save time in picking clothes for different occasions.

To maintain the shape of the garments you can use, covered hanging zippered garment bags to store your clothes wrinkle and dust free.

To save your clothes from pests, I would suggest let it be away from cardboard storage and fabric containers or alternate budget friendly option like plastic.

Get some moisture absorbers and place it in the wardrobe. Buy essential oil or cloth fresheners to retain the pleasant smell. Moth repellent is available to buy if you are more often exposed to insects.

How to Store your Unused Clothes

Please make sure that occasionally you take all your garments outside the cupboard and refold it. Separate the one you have not used for last six months and store it in a different container. This will help you to easily give it to a charity when you come across one.

You can also trade the clothes to a thrift store.

Next time when you go for a purchase in brand showrooms, check with them if they accept clothes that must be recycled. Or some maybe also qualified for discounts.

Recycle your old clothes at H&M

You can also recycle your clothes at John Lewis

Clothes that you take according to the season, that needs to wait till the next arrives. Store that wisely by naming the containers so that you do not have to mess with the present one you are using. Keep those containers at the top of the wardrobe. That will help to keep your hands away from it every now and then.

Best Storage Containers for Clothes

Zipper closer storage under bed, that comes with vinyl top helps you to identify the contents inside without opening. A great space saver that comes in rectangular shape.

Under Bed storage that comes with adjustable divider is a best option if you want to keep your garments folded and take it frequently without messing others.

Vacuum sealed containers are good space savers, but the disadvantage it has is as you vacuum, the dress gets wrinkle and loose it shapes. But it is a best bet for blankets and wrinkle free materials.

When it comes to matching décor, lets leave no stone unturned this beautiful foldable storage basket is perfect for your Master Bedroom or your little one’s room where the clothes keep coming back from the closet every now and then.


Storing Clothes


Another place where you can find a heap of clothes is no other than Laundry Room. Do not clutter the area or throw your expensive garments unnoticed. Laundry Sorter Cart will help you here in organizing and sorting your laundry.

Plastic storage baskets shelf are designed to be stackable and is a perfect fit when your wardrobe has a lot of horizontal spaces. If you not using hanger and your horizontal space is empty, then these baskets will be of lot of use. I such spaces if you fold clothes and keep adding it just falls now and then when you pick one from the middle.

When you do not have enough space in your wardrobe, look no further than buying this Portable Hanging rack. It helps in storing your clothes dust free and wrinkle free.

So, identify your problem like the space issues or organizing issues. Select the product according to what your concern is to address it. Let us try hard to make our rooms and wardrobes a clutter free one and keeps you clothes well maintained for a long time with good storage products.

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