Whether it is to travel around the globe, a relaxing vacation, or driven by the adventurous spirit of traveling, tourism is there to make sure that anyone who travels leaves a positive impact on the countries’ economy, environment, and culture.

The idea of tourism is accompanied by people’s curiosity and love for different landscapes, sceneries, culture, traditions, and wildlife, which lead them to different countries for an unforgettable trip.

Sustainable tourism is a way of ensuring that the ecosystem, socio-cultural aspects, and economy of a country remain conserved. And no harmful impact is caused by an increase in the number of tourists. These methods help the country develop further and protect its resources, simultaneously.

Numerous tourist destinations have adopted the sustainable tourism practice, proven by these examples.  While some of the existing and thriving sustainable tourism examples are listed below:

Gardens by the Bay – Singapore 

sustainable tourism example

The botanical gardens in Singapore are among the best responsible tourism examples and prominent tourist attraction. They are known for its horticultural displays and knowledge about the environment.

The gardens are run on conservatories and solar energy to replicate the cool climate of a tropical region.

The system minimizes and harnesses heat to generate energy for the gardens. While they provide an aesthetically pleasing and refreshing aura for the tourists to explore.

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Lapa Rios Lodge – Costa Rica 

sustainable tourism example

Another eco friendly tourism example is of the Lapa Rios Lodge. These lodges are located in a tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. The Lodge overlooks the Pacific Ocean and provides a remarkable sight.

Apart from being a visual luxury, they preserve the rainforest. They also protect the wildlife inhabiting it, while contributing to the economy.

Atlantis Submarines – Hawaii

sustainable tourism example

As a environmental tourism example, visiting Atlantis is possible now. With the submarines in Hawaii making it a memorable trip under the sea in an eco-friendly way.

The submarine runs on batteries and doesn’t contribute to pollution, nor does it disturb marine life. As it is  because it is a quiet presence under the water. Tourists can get a look at the sea life in a comfortable and sustainable tour.

Club Med Finolhu Villas – Maldives

sustainable tourism example

The Maldives is recognized as the Paradise of all the ocean lovers. It is for those looking to spend some quality time surrounded by beaches and crisp, cool and clean water. Millions of tourists visit the country annually to get a chance to enjoy the luxury Maldives is known for.

It offers the choice of staying at the Club Med Finolhu Villas for a vacation, which is a remarkable yet sustainable tourism example. The resort promotes the reduction of a carbon footprint on the island. It utilizes the local sources by being eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

The Bottom Line

At this moment, sustainable ecotourism is one of the most effective ways for countries prospering with tourists to survive. This is a new practice and these countries are paving the way for others to follow and do the same.

No one would want their desire for exploration disrupting the social and cultural patterns of the country they visit. On a personal level, the tourists can take several measures and adopt ways to contribute to sustainable tourism. Such as traveling locally, choosing eco-resorts, supporting local businesses, going green, reducing plastic wastage. That helps in spreading awareness among tourists about their impact on the countries.

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Photo by  Sergio Sala  on Unsplash

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