Everyone wants their house to be more beautiful and unique. Vintage glass vases play an important role in decorating the house. Keeping antique glass vases at home, will enhance your house décor. These stunning glass vases attract guests and make your house unique than others. Below mentioned are some of the most attractive vintage glass vases that you can use for home decoration.

Rustic Mason Jar Sconces

Vintage Glass Vases
To have the chic look, hang these stunning glass jars anywhere in your home. They have the perfect combination of farmhouse and contemporary style. These jars have beautiful silky hydrangea flowers and attractive LED strip lights. To support the weight of the jar, it has reclaimed wood with wrought iron hooks. These beautiful antique jars when hung on the wall, enhances your home décor and give the pleasant look and even attract guests. These jars come in a set of two and can be hung between paintings or mirrors or even can be fixed in kitchen, dining room or living room.

They are the perfect rustic wall décor gift for your loved ones and ideal gift for housewarming ceremonies or Christmas.

Bulb Vase

Vintage Glass Vases
This creative bulb shaped glass vase is a perfect vintage glass vase which adds beauty to your home or work place. It should be kept on a flat surface such as, in the shelf or on the dining table or even on the worktable. You can easily fill water in the glass bulb and place a plant. The creative design of a bird on the terrarium stand will add a retro look. This antique bulb vase creates greenery and serenity. It is an excellent gift for any occasion and party.

Petite Glass Bud Vase

Vintage Glass Vases
Vintage Glass Vases
The cute mini glass vases are so adorable and they create a chic look. The glass vases come in a set of 5 and are perfect for dining table décor. You can put colourful flower buds in these mini vases and enhance your home décor. For elegant look, you can choose clear glass set. If you prefer bold look, then you can choose jewel tone set of beautiful colours such as, green, purple, red, blue or yellow. These vases are beautifully crafted and blends with any décor. You can place them all around your home to get a vintage look.

Terrarium Glass Vase

Vintage Glass Vases
The bubble shaped elegant terrarium glass vase add a vintage look to your house. They come in a set of 3 and can be hung on the wall of your living room. It has a hole in the back for easy fixing on the wall and has a wide opening for adding hydroponic plants or fresh colourful flowers. They can be hung in the living room, dining room or kitchen which brings life for the wall. Brighten up your space with these antique home décor terrarium glass vases.

Medicine Bottles

These mini vintage medicine bottles create country farmhouse look to your house. They come in a set of 6 with beautiful colours and ideal for rustic decor. You can keep long stemmed flowers to fill your space with antique look. The flat sturdy based bottles can be kept in shelf or on table top to enhance your home décor that bring back the serene old memories. They can also be the best gift for your family and friends.

Rope Design Glass Vases

Vintage Glass Vases
The unique rope design glass vases of different shapes create rustic look and thus enhances your house. It comes in a set of 6 and the high quality glass is durable. These glass vases are beautifully wrapped with rope which reminds the olden days. You can fill these glass vases with beautiful flowers or unique branches or even with colourful pebbles that add vintage look to your house. You can keep these vases all around the house as desired. These antique glass vases are perfect gift for house warming ceremonies or Christmas.

Double Ear Glass Vase

Vintage Glass Vases
The elegant double ear glass vase with bubble design on the whole body gives you the perfect vintage look. The glass vase is aqua blue in colour and is hand blown which is a beautiful artifact. When contrast bright flowers are put in this beautiful vase, it gives the fresh and unique look and enhance your house décor. It makes an ideal gift for your family and friends for any occasions.
The above mentioned vintage glass vases add beauty and grace to your home and transform your home into picturesque heaven. To make your house more decorative, keep these antique glass vases. It also impresses your family and friends and your house will look unique and stunning from others.
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Photo by Diego Botero on Unsplash

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