When it comes to apartments, the Japanese style of living is unique in its own way. From compact space utilization to minimalistic décor, Japanese apartments are designed to provide a comfortable living experience while maximizing every inch of space. Let’s explore the unique features and design elements of a Japanese style apartment.

Space Utilisation

Japanese apartments are notorious for being small and compact, but that doesn’t mean they lack functionality. The Japanese are masters at space utilization and have found ingenious ways to incorporate storage space and functionality into every nook and cranny. One common feature in Japanese apartments is the use of multi-functional furniture, such as beds that can be converted into couches or tables that can be folded away when not in use. This helps to save space and creates a more open and airy living environment.

Japanese Style Apartment

Minimalistic décor

The Japanese philosophy of “less is more” is evident in their apartment décor. Instead of cluttered and ornate interiors, Japanese apartments feature minimalistic and simplistic design elements. Neutral colors such as white, beige, and grey are often used to create a calm and serene atmosphere, while natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and paper are used to add texture and warmth. The lack of clutter and excess décor allows the space to feel open and uncluttered, making it easier to relax and unwind.

Japanese Style Tatami Chair

This multifunctional floor chair is versatile,you can use it in the living room,bedroom,dormitory,tatami and other places. 

The floor chair is made of high-quality bamboo material. Its surface is smooth, healthy and environmentally friendly, waterproof, durable and easy to clean.

Sliding doors and partitions

Another common feature in Japanese apartments is the use of sliding doors and partitions to create separate living spaces. These partitions are typically made from wood and paper screens called shoji, which allow light to filter through while still providing privacy. Sliding doors and partitions are a great way to maximize space and create flexible living arrangements.

Tatami Flooring

Tatami flooring is a type of traditional Japanese flooring that is made from woven rush grass and covered with a layer of woven straw. This type of flooring is soft and comfortable to walk on and provides insulation, making it ideal for colder climates. Tatami flooring is also an integral part of traditional Japanese architecture and adds a sense of authenticity to any Japanese style apartment.

Japanese soaking tubs

Japanese soaking tubs, also known as Ofuro, are a common feature in Japanese apartments. These deep, square-shaped tubs are designed for soaking and relaxation and are typically made from wood. Japanese soaking tubs are smaller than western-style bathtubs and are intended for sitting rather than lying down. They are a great way to unwind and relax after a long day.

Japanese Geisha Kimono Doll

The Geisha doll is Hand-crafted and hand-painted, and packed in a box. The costume (called Kimono in Japanese) is made with silk-woven material. These little ornaments are perfect for decoration.

2 Japanese Inspired House Design

MUJI Vertical House

MUJI is a Japanese company that specializes in minimalist home goods and furniture. Their “Vertical House” is a compact living space that is designed to maximize every inch of space while still providing a comfortable living environment. The apartment features sliding doors, tatami flooring, and multi-functional furniture, such as a bed that can be folded away when not in use. MUJI’s Vertical House is a perfect example of Japanese-inspired apartment design that prioritizes minimalism and functionality.

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Tokyo Apartment by Sou Fujimoto

Sou Fujimoto is a well-known Japanese architect who is known for his unique and innovative designs. The Tokyo Apartment is a great example of his work and features a minimalistic and open design that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. The apartment features floor-to-ceiling windows, white walls, and simple, natural materials. The apartment also features a unique staircase that doubles as a bookshelf and a loft area that provides additional living space. The Tokyo Apartment is a great example of how Japanese-inspired design can create a comfortable and functional living space while still being visually striking.

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