Japanese-style living rooms can be a relaxing and calming experience. The decor of the rooms is pleasing to the eye and has a distinctive oriental aura. Japanese-themed living rooms are often characterized by using wooden or bamboo furnishings and can be easily try same style for apartments too.

Traditional Japanese house living room style features a large amount of open space that can be decorated with natural wood elements and simple greenery. It also utilizes modern furnishings and incorporates water features. Additionally, the Japanese emphasize on incorporating colors from nature throughout the space.

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Japanese-inspired Living Room Decorating Ideas

A traditional Japanese house living room can provide a cozy place to relax and sleep. Japanese living rooms have traditional furniture and outstanding interior design. They offer comfortable seating and quiet decoration, and many Japanese households enjoy eating meals and watching TV there. This type of living room idea is also great for small rooms, as you will not need to purchase large pieces of furniture.

Japanese Livingroom Apartment


Displaying Japanese Artwork or Japanese Wave Painting

In addition to the traditional Japanese dining and entertainment methods, a great Japanese living room idea is to display your artwork, especially if you are going for a Japanese studio apartment design. Some of the Japanese Artwork like takashi murakami art, hajime sorayama art, sakura tree painting, hokusai art and many more.

Display Traditional Japanese Shirts

Another popular Japanese style living or interior design feature is the display of traditional Japanese shirts on the wall. These Japanese shirts (kimonos) are an ideal way to add color to your room. They also help fulfill the architectural elements of traditional Japanese houses. Hanging these shirts on the walls will add a traditional feel and light up the room without taking up valuable space.

Kimono Display or Hanging a Kimono

In modern Japanese living rooms, interiors are generally sparse, and the owner may choose to incorporate a Japanese-style kimono, a long robe worn by women during the wedding ceremony.

Japanese wall art

Perfect wall decoration paintings for living room. Each mountain sunset wall art painting framed with wooden frame. Comes with clear patterns with vivid colors and crisp lines

Bamboo for Japanese Apartment Living room style

To create a more modern Japanese living room atmosphere, try incorporating window treatments made of bamboo. Bamboo is a popular decorative material in Japanese homes. Japanese living room furniture also majorly features bamboo.

It can be used to make window shades, floor mats, and even wood plank flooring. Bamboo blinds, woven wood shades, and other natural materials complement the Japanese theme. They can be used to block out light and provide privacy. Flat fold shades give the Japanese style a more traditional look, while looped fold shades are better suited to other decorating themes.

Using bamboo is also a significant characteristic of a minimalist Japanese-style living room.

Japanese Furniture Wood

Japanese-themed living rooms are characterized by sparse use of furnishings. This style emphasizes natural light, and wooden furniture like their Japanese wood table and Japanese wood bench is typically paired with white walls and soft lighting.

Rice Paper Window Shades

Japanese homes use rice paper shades that protect the room from drafts, but also let natural light in. The Japanese style of living room is popular among people who love nature, practicality, and peace. A well-designed and minimalist Japanese-style living room or interior create a calming and harmonious atmosphere for the residents.

Western Style Furniture

Japanese Livingroom Apartment

Tatami Room

The style of Japanese living room furniture is mainly western, which modern style apartment opt for as a trend. The traditional seating area in a Japanese living room includes a sofa or cross-legged seating. You can also incorporate decorative items like bonsai trees and Japanese statues in the room. You can use traditional Japanese furniture in your room, such as the chabudai table, which is made of bamboo and paper.

Japanese Ceiling Light or Tatami Ceiling Light

Japanese Livingroom Apartment

Using a ceiling light is a great Japanese living room idea. Traditionally, pendant lights were made of copper, but nowadays you can find more modern versions that are made of paper and glue. These types of lights are often used in well-lit corridors in Japanese homes. They are an ideal lighting solution for rooms in which you want to create a serene atmosphere.

A hanging lamp is another great way to illuminate a room in a Japanese studio apartment design style. These lamps come in different shapes and sizes and are a great centerpiece for any space. They are typically fashioned from rice paper and wrapped around an iron frame. The light inside has a futuristic theme, so they are great for a living room or bedroom. For a larger room, you may want to consider two hanging lamps, one for each side of the room.

Japanese interior is gaining fame recently as it instills a sense of calm and depth while being minimalistic. Follow our tips to convert your home into a Japanese-style living design and let us know how it turned out!

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