The distinction between a house and a home is determined by how you fill it. We often find solace in the intricacies and personal touch that we add to our living space – and any kind of wall art is a powerful form of expression bringing a sense of softness and texture to your homestead.

Framed Wall Art

Let’s be real; we have all been there: our house freshly furnished and then faced with the daunting prospect of addressing barren walls. But don’t fret and just say hello to framed wall art which is a quick and easy way to spice up any space, add a little something extra to your boring walls, and pull your decor together all at the same time!  

Walls are features that generally set a room’s atmosphere, and wall decor plays a major role here. Lucky for you, you don’t have to go through this journey alone! In this blog, we will be sharing everything we have learned through our own decorating journey. Read on so that you can discover some tips that will help you choose the perfect masterpieces for your wall!

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Find the Perfect Size

If your wall art is magnificent, but the size isn’t quite right, your piece might feel off.  If the frame is too small, you will feel as if something is lacking. On the other hand, if you choose a large frame, finding the correct placement might be difficult.

Framed Art
When you are choosing a large frame for your wall, make sure it takes up 50% -75% of the available wall space. Alternatively, you can also go for a collection of smaller pieces to create a gallery wall, like this gorgeous La Japonaise collection.

Hang Art at the Right Level

Framed Wall Art

If you hang the wall art too high or too low, it ends up losing its impact. The general rule of thumb is to hang it at eye level, as this will create a sense of balance.

If you have low ceilings, hang the art in the 3rd quadrant up from the ground. Be mindful of the space at the top of the wall and avoid hanging your art too close to it.

Match the Style of the Room

When choosing your framed wall art, it is important to match it with the style and theme of the overall room.

Framed Wall Art for Living Room
If your decor is contemporary, go for a nice family photograph, abstract art, or another bold piece that will bring out the overall theme of the room. If your room leans more towards a rustic style, go for earthy, warmer wall art and decorate with simple shots of scenery.

Choose Art that Means Something to You

Framed Wall

We can’t emphasize the power of personalization enough! It’s important to decorate your house in a way that you and your family feel warm and comfortable inside it, so find art or any kind of pictures that mean something to you.

Instead of just picking random bits of art from a thrift store, opt for customized and meaningful framed wall art. You can print your most memorable moments and add your own unique twist to the space.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways of transforming and beautifying up your wall art and making your house look unique. Bring more color and texture in your dull indoors and venture outside the standard prints and canvases and find something new and unpredictable!

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