If someone were to say that modern man has lost touch with nature, they wouldn’t be wrong. The natural world has always been a source of peace and relaxation for humans because mankind shares a strong connection with nature that stems from the fact that we lived with nature for eons. Having wandered too far in our need to urbanize and populate cities, nature seems too foreign and distant now.

Biophilic Room

This is one of the major reasons why people have started focusing on trying to find new ways to bring them closer to nature or nature closer to us. Here is when biophilic room design comes into play. The purpose of a biophilic room is to help return your body to something that feels more like a natural environment and helps pave the way to establish a connection with nature, even if you live in the middle of a giant metropolis.

Research has shown that people living in biophilic rooms are happier and healthier. Their heart rate and blood pressure stay low, and their mental health remains stable with fewer depressed moods. This blog will introduce a few ways you can employ to make a biophilic room that will bring you serenity and tranquility.

Plants Should Be the Centre of Attention

Plants should be your mainstay decoration choice for efficiently imitating a biophilic room design style and sensation in your room. All you need to do is find houseplants that thrive indoors and stay green throughout the year. Examples of such plants include the Jade plant, Chinese Evergreen, rubber tree, and Aloe Vera. You can also keep succulents and cacti like the bunny ear cactus, coral cactus, and Christmas cactus.

Placing these plants next to windows will keep them fresh and prevent them from going limp. Another great idea can be the planting of common herbs in your kitchen. Not only will that add to the greenery around you, but you will also have fresh herbs at hand to pick and add to your food.

Biophilic Room

In addition to plants, you can also buy flowers that add to the aesthetic value and also freshen up the surrounding air with their mild fragrance. A good beginning to flower choices can be orchids that can survive indoors for months without any direct access to sunlight. Here is a picture of Oliver Heath, who is globally recognized as an expert in biophilic room and interior design, sitting in a room that he designed and adorned with plants.

Filling Space with Natural Light

An important element in biophilic room design is the usage of natural light. Light enhances a space by making it feel bigger and has therapeutic effects on the human mind. Exposure to sunlight has been proven to stimulate the release of dopamine and serotonin from the brain, the “happiness chemicals” in our body.

Biophilic Room

Along with the mental health benefits, exposure to UVB radiation in sunlight promotes the production of vitamin D in your skin which is important for your bone health. To maximize natural light in your room, you can install blinds or georgette curtains that allow light to filter through and illuminate your room. This is a picture of a hotel suite in the UK that follows the principle of biophilic room design. See how the windows have blinds that you can keep open during the day to enjoy the warmth of sunlight.

The Feel of Natural Materials

You can also use natural materials that engage with other senses and give you a holistic experience of being in nature. You can use real-moss rugs, woolen rugs, or cover the floor with artificial grass mats. You can also keep a rattan oval hanging chair or bamboo wood furniture – wooden furniture has always been elegant and classic.

Biophilic Room

To involve your sense of smell, use scented candles according to your mood and preference. Lavender, vanilla, sea salt, and chamomile aromas are all very relaxing and create a sense of comfort in the room. Here is an example of a biophilic hotel room in the UK with a moss rug.

Living in with nature has numerous physical and mental health benefits which is why the world is rapidly moving towards biophilic room designs and biophilic architecture in general.

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