Eco-friendly plates are the best natural plates that keeps you healthy. These biodegradable plates are best alternative to plastic or polymer plates. When everyone are looking for “go green”, these plates are the best sustainable products to save the planet. These non-toxic food grade plates does not contain any harmful chemicals and are completely safe to use. Below mentioned are 6 best eco-friendly plates that are completely biodegradable.

Bagasse Plate

Eco Dinner Plates

This compostable plate is made from sugarcane bagasse fiber and is completely safe to use. It can be used for any occasion such as, parties, camping, picnics, weddings and many more. It is sturdy and can hold both hot and cold meals and easy to cleanup. It has a disposable design that degrades quickly. These plates are microwave safe, refrigerator safe and grease resistant. Keep the planet healthy and safe with these bagasse plates. 

Palm Leaf Plate

Eco Dinner Plates

Give a rustic look with these biodegradable plates. They are made from naturally shed palm leaves and is eco-friendly. It gives elegant grained faux wood look and is perfect for picnics and parties. It is toxin free and chemical free. It is sturdy and can hold both hot and cold dishes. It is microwave safe and water resistant. These plates are sustainable and hence keep the environment safe. 

Plant Fiber Plate

Eco Dinner Plates

This sustainable plate is good for you and the earth. It is made from renewable plant fiber that helps to store the proteins and allergens. It is chlorine free, pesticide free and dye free which leaves no harmful residue to the environment. It is strong, durable, microwave safe and oil resistant and can hold both hot and cold foods. Enjoy your food and save the environment with these natural plates.

Palm Leaf Plates with Compartments

Eco Dinner Plates

Organize your food in these beautiful eco-friendly plates. They are made with naturally fallen palm leaves. Natural ridges and grooves gives the plate different colours and designs and makes it look more elegant. The process of making these plates is completely natural and hence is the best eco-friendly plate. You can use these plates in dinner, parties or camping and is very easy fill different dishes in one plate. The food is well organized in different compartments of this plate and attract guests for its unique look.

Bamboo Plates

Eco Dinner Plates
Give a modern look to your dining table with these disposable eco-friendly bamboo plates. These square plates are certified and approved by FDA, LETIS and USDA and are food safe. It is pesticide free, chemical free and dye free. These plates can be used in any parties or camping.  Make any occasion more special with these biodegradable plates.   

Personalized Bamboo Plates for Kids

Eco Dinner Plates
Feed your baby with this adorable eco-friendly bamboo plate. This personalized plate can be beautifully engraved with your baby’s name in high detail and contrast. This plate is made from natural bamboo with natural grains and colours and is completely safe for babies. It comes with three matching spoons. Add fun during meal time with your baby with this amazing sustainable plate. It can be the best gift option for children during their birthdays.

Make your meal time healthy with these eco-friendly plates. These plates are strong and sturdy and also give a rustic look. They even make a best gift option for family and friends. Say bye to plastic by using these sustainable plates. 

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