Iguazu Falls, the one which comes under UNESCO World Heritage List is a must see if you are into Brazil or Argentina.

It is nearly three times as wide as Niagara Falls and significantly wider still than Victoria Falls. If you have already set your mind to visit this great natural wonder, then I would suggest you witness it from both sides. And it does not take more than 4 days.

Iguazu Falls

To avoid the crowd, you can choose mid-season to visit Iguazu Falls, and that is from July to October and from February to April. The best month to visit the falls is from April, May, September, and October.

To book an online ticket to the falls if you are visiting from Brazil. Get you online booking done to visit the falls from Argentina. If you are not booking online and paying from the entrance, I would suggest keeping the respective currencies.

You can drive yourself to the park and got a parking facility, can also hire a taxi. There is a bus service departing from Puerto Iguazú city to Iguazú Falls National Park every 20 minutes as well.

A waterproof camera is a good idea for the points like the Devil’s Throat. Devil’s Throat is the largest water curtain in the whole system and includes 14 waterfalls. Be ready to walk and soak in the mist.

You can book a helicopter flight over the falls, from the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls.

The nearest town on the Brazilian side is Foz do Iguaçu. It is located about 5 miles north of Puerto Iguazú, the Argentinian side, so it is a little further from the national park.

Foz do Iguaçu has a big airport with direct links to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, etc.

4 Days for Iguazu Falls

Start with the first view from the Argentina side by walking through the path over a kilometer and to the Devils Throat.

Next you can enjoy the walk on the Brazil side with the amazing view from all the angles and all the edges. You have a restaurant t the National Park called Porto Canoas Restaurant. Fill your stomach with the panoramic view of the river.

Get closer to jungle at Macuco Trail which end with a hike to witness the Macuco Falls and finally getting soaked at the Devil’s Gorge as the boat trip take you through the spray of the falls.

Adventurers can try 4WD, open truck drive across the rainforest along the Yacaratiá Trail sighting flora and wildlife.

Try the thrilling helicopter tour to get bird’s eye view of the spectacular falls and then head for a guided walk to the Brazilian Iguacu National Park.

For Jungle adventure at Iguazu forest, you can climb to the top of the tree and then get hooked into a zip line for a heart-racing, adrenaline- pumping trip. Get refreshing swim in natural pools. 

Go back to the 20th century, by visiting the village of Wanda and then drive to the reforestation areas where the ruins of Jesuit mission which was founded in 1610.

Parque De Aves, a half day program which takes you to the other side of Brazil Falls. It is an amazing bird park tour which is a largest bird park in Latin America that has Macau’s, Flamingos and more.

Waterfall View from where you stay.

Hotel das Cataratas, A Belmond Hotel

Hotel das Cataratas, A Belmond Hotel

The best part here is you can get a private access to the waterfalls even after the closing hours.

Gran Meliá Iguazú

Gran Meliá Iguazú

All the room gives a beautiful view of the falls from the Argentina side.

Things to Bring.

Bring rubber-soled shoes as the catwalks are always damp and can get slippery.

Lightweight water-proof jacket to keep dry as possible.

Plastic bags to protect photographic and filming equipment.

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Image by Monica Volpin & José Joey from Pixabay 


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