Setting up your home can be exciting, and lighting plays a significant role in making sure your house feels like a home. Like this 2Modern lamp proves, a simple lamp here or there can add personality to your room and make the environment pleasant for you and your house guests. Especially since in these times, you are spending more time in your house or setting up your home office, you want to make sure you are choosing the more sustainable option that contributes to a healthier lifestyle in the long run.
Energy Efficient Lamp
If you are someone who wants to go for environmentally friendly options, then choosing an energy efficient lamp is one of the best decisions.

What Are Your Options?

To make sure your lamp is eco-friendly, you need to do your research about the kind of bulb you should use. There are 5 types of lighting:
  • Incandescent Tungsten Bulbs
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Bulbs
  • LED Bulbs
  • CFLs
While people traditionally have been using halogen bulbs or other types, ever since CFLs and LED lamps have been introduced in the market, there has been a shift. These lamps are not only energy sufficient but also provide a variety of lighting options that can make your home feel cozier and create a better ambiance. These lamps also have other benefits that make them better than the traditional ones. And most importantly, from all of these options, CFLs and LED lamps remain the most energy-efficient lamp options and these even help in reducing your electricity bills.
Energy Efficient Lamp
No longer deal with difficult switches or tangled cords! Provide a bright light to your space by turning it on or off with a simple tap to the responsive touch base.


CFL bulbs are an affordable and the most energy efficient light bulbs option that is hassle-free and makes sure you can replace any of your old light bulbs easily!
Energy Efficient Lamp
CFL bulbs have a broad spectrum of light, which helps you easily choose one for your needs. These lamps can be found commonly at any store and are very cheap as compared to other lamps. These have a greater lifespan and are very easy to install. The option to replace any bulb with CFLs makes it easier for you to choose a lamp you like, such as the one from a Target collection above. It has the option for you to add the bulb of your choosing, and not have to worry about whether it will be compatible with it or not.
This easy-to-install lamp option is not only cheaper and durable but is also considered one of the best options for energy-efficient lamps. Compared to other lamps, it only uses one-third of the energy traditional ones use!
The high-quality energy saving light bulbs makes it an amazing addition to your house. It is not as harsh as older light bulbs and provides great color and warmth. There is no humming or flickering that you need to worry about.

LED Light Bulbs

A pricier but more sustainable option for your energy saving lamp needs, the LED Light bulbs have grown majorly in the market and continue to do so, with a great variety of options and styles that will reflect your personality in your home.
The most energy-efficient lamp option for you is the one with LED light bulbs. These light bulbs give off little to no heat and produce higher quality lighting compared to any other lamp. With the ever-growing technology, LED lamps are now available in all shapes and styles, which makes them perfect for different types of lighting in any corner of your home.
Energy Efficient Lamp
Ideal for an eco-friendly home, these lamps use 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs and 50% less than CFLs! These last even longer than other lamps and provide you with a great ambiance. This lamp from Target is a perfect and sophisticated example of these lamps.
While they may be on the pricier side, not only do you get a great deal with reducing your electricity bill, carbon footprint, and saving energy, you also get endless options to decorate your household with a variety of lighting choices. Being the most led light bulbs and ever-growing technology, investing in LED lamps is the best option for providing your home with the right look and lighting.
Both LED lamps and CFL bulbs are great options to consider when choosing an energy-efficient lamp, while one might be slightly pricier than the other.  Considering all their benefits is important when making a decision. It is good to go green as much as you can, in today’s world- even a small eco-friendly decision makes for a great step towards a sustainable future.

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