Who would not like to visit the entertainment capital of the world? Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and the American music industry. Interestingly, art and culture are equally prevalent in LA. So, are you planning your vacation to Los Angeles? That’s amazing! The place has different things to offer.
Whether you are a nature lover, entertainment fan, or love to go on adventure rides, you will love it in LA. Imagine watching the sun drop below the horizon, riding the world’s shortest train, and hiking through Hollywood hills? Sounds beautiful, right! Everybody can find some activity of their interest there. So, read on to see a list of must-do things during your Los Angeles Vacation.
Visiting LA

Whale Watching Cruises

Whales are the earth’s largest mammals, and there is no way you should return without getting a long beach whale watching experience. You can contact the cruise hosts and consult about the best time for whale-watching. You can witness different species of whales during additional months of the year.

Whether you see the blue whale or any other variety, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thus, it would help if you did not miss it. The tour guides educate the tourists on the importance of these animals and why everyone should do their part in preserving them. Studies show that these tours also foster love in people. Thus, they make it a point to support marine conservation.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

As you know, LA is the home of entertainment and is one of the most popular filming locations? So, it gives you enough reasons to visit the Hollywood walk of fame. You can find the walk of fame on both sides of the street at vine street and Hollywood blvd.

You’d be happy to know that the first stars were put in 1958 and until now, more than 2450 stars have been embedded. The stars have names of the best people in the entertainment industry from different fields. You can find the best of the best in production, direction, costume design, acting, music, and more.

Santa Monica Pier

Visiting LA
Do you want a day full of fun and amusement? If yes, Santa Monica Pier is the right place. You can visit this spot with your friends and family and access some of the most iconic rides, such as the Ferris wheel. There are several street performers entertaining others with their unique art forms.

There is something for everyone in the big amusement park. Interestingly, you can also enjoy fishing and visit the Heal the Bay Aquarium underneath the pier.

Griffith Park and Observatory

It is spread over 4310 acres of land and is also popular as the Central park of Los Angeles. It is so huge that many film producers shoot the scenes of the movies in this park. When you visit the place, you will be able to recognise some scenes from movies like Terminator, Van Helsing, etc.

If you are an architectural and nature lover, you must visit the park for its outstanding views. The huge planetarium inside the park is a training ground for astronauts. They learn to navigate through stars and practice their lessons.

Museum of Death

Have you heard the name before? It is one of the most adventurous locations in LA. It is a small museum that takes up to 1 hour to get through. It houses some of the dreadful things in the world.

You can watch collections of the world’s best serial killer artwork. In addition, it displays Manson family memorabilia, crime scene photographs, and more similar things. People who visit this museum get a new perspective on life, death, and human experience.

Battleship USS Iowa Museum

No vacation is complete without paying your tribute to the veterans who fought for their country. The USS battleship is an award-winning naval history museum. They transformed the USS Iowa battleship into a museum after it was done with its services. It has exhibits like HUP-2 Helicopter, the flight simulator, etc.

You can take a physical or virtual tour of the ship to understand the history better and learn how the United States Veterans safeguarded their country.

Grand Central Market

It is a 103-year-old market that offers America’s best morning sandwiches. It is famous for holding the high-low culture of LA. You can find different things inside the market depending on your mood. You’d be amazed that you may have to wait over an hour to get your hands on the famous Egg Slut sandwich. So, why would you want to miss visiting this iconic place?
Travel to get new experiences and explore new places wherever you go for vacation. Talk to the locals to find the area’s hidden gems, and you can make the most of your holiday.
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