Decorating your small bedroom is a challenge as it has a compact space. But, size always does not matter, by creative thinking, you can transform your small bedroom to a bigger one. Here are few best ideas for your small bedroom that widens your space and looks it more appealing.

Convert the Bed to Sofa Bed

Ideas for Small Bedroom

At night, use your bed for sleeping but, during day, makeshift your bed by folding it and use as a sofa. Push your pillow towards the wall and relax on this sofa. It will be very comfortable to sit with your laptop on this sofa. This sofa cum bed is the great idea for your small bedroom as it widens your bedroom space. You can also use bunk beds which is the best space saver in your bedroom.

Put Everything in the Storage Bed

Ideas for Small Bedroom
Storing things is the big headache in small bedroom. There is also a solution for this, you can use your bed for storage purpose. It is an excellent idea to add storage space in your small bedroom. The storage bed comes with drawers which keep all your bedroom stuffs like, extra pillows, blankets, clothes and many more. It reduces the closet space when you have small bedroom. Now, go clutter free with this storage bed. 

Built this extra storage space with these step by step instructions as shown in thisoldhouse.  

Hang Long Curtains

Ideas for Small Bedroom

Hanging long curtains close to the ceiling creates an illusion of big room. The curtain has to match the wall colour. Try out this trick and it definitely works in transforming your small bedroom to bigger one. 

Give a Minimal Touch

small bedroom design ideas
A minimalistic décor always makes your room look big. There is no harm in choosing big furniture but, use less. Go clutter free and remove the unnecessary stuffs. Keep your bedroom minimal and see the magic.

Try out these minimalist bedroom ideas from housebeautiful, and image shown is from 2LG Studio.

Use a Sliding Wardrobe

very small bedroom ideas
A sliding wardrobe is a great space saver for your small bedroom. A full height sliding wardrobe holds all your clothes and makes your bedroom clean and neat as shown by houzz.

Wall Mount the Bedside Lamp

tiny bedroom ideas

Bedside lamp is a must in bedroom. If you do not have space in your bedroom, then try wall mounting the bedside lamp. This idea free up the floor space and makes your small bedroom spacious.   

All White Creates Illusion

bedroom ideas for small rooms
White colour plays a vital role in making your bedroom look big. Go for all white colour palette, it creates fresh and wide ambience in your room. White colour is the best option for your small bedroom which creates and illusion of widening the space. Displayed is the white Beach Modern Bedroom by Lonny.

Utilize Windowsill

small room ideas
If you have the window sill, then utilize it at the fullest. You can keep potted plants to bring freshness in your room or can even keep your décor items. There is no need of extra shelf to place your décor items if you use your window sill. This is the great idea for saving the space and transforming your small bedroom to bigger one. Get to know ways to decorate your window sill by homedit.

Use Wide Wallpaper

small room design

Choosing a bold wallpaper is a trick to make your small bedroom look big, just like a soft loft look by Vanessapisk. You need not cover the entire room with wallpaper, just choose any one wall, preferably the wall near your bed. Now, see the difference. You definitely love this trick.

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