The Himalayas are surely the most majestic ranges of mountains throughout the world. Trekking through the different trails of the Himalayas, to the different peaks would surely provide you with completely different experiences. The top 6 treks in Himalayas, ranging from trekking over frozen rivers, over glaciers, to trekking along the soothing rivers and across the deserted mountains of Ladakh, the Himalayas offer it all. 

Moreover, whether you be a beginner or an expert level trekking enthusiast, the diverse terrain of the Himalayas surely has something exciting for you to offer. Trekking through the Himalayas would also allow you to explore some of the richest mountain cultures of the world as well.

Treks in Himalayas

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

One of the most picturesque as well as exciting treks throughout the whole world, completing the Everest Base Camp Trek is like a dream come true for most of the trekking enthusiasts out there. Taking up this trek would not only let you experience the Himalayas in the best way possible but would also allow you to admire the best views of the tallest and the most majestic mountain peak in the whole world, Mt. Everest.

This trek would also allow you to peek into the lives of Nepalese and Sherpas who like a hardcore mountain life on this complete trekking trail. This trek could be quite challenging for many and the highest altitude that would be reached in this trek would be 5364m.

2. Roopkund Trek

Situated within the Nanda Devi National Park, this trek starts from Lohajung in Chamoli and takes you to the majestic Roopkund Lake. Roopkund Trek is a glacial trek and will provide you with some of the best views of the Himalayan ranges, especially once you reach Mount Trishul.

Also termed as the “Mystery Lake” trek, you may even come across human skeletons lying around the lake, which date back to the 9th Century. This is a moderate to difficult level trek. So it is recommended only for those who have pretty much experience trekking through various prominent peaks.

3. Tungnath Trek

Situated on the Chandranath Parvat, this amazing trek takes you to the highest Shiva shrine in the whole world. This is one of the easiest yet one of the most exciting Himalayan treks that can be taken up even by a beginner. Chopta is the start-off point for the Tungnath trek, which is approximately 4 kilometres in length. Tungnath trek is best for nature enthusiasts as well as birdwatchers. This trek can be taken up during winders as well as summers.

The best time to take up this trek is considered during summers from the month of May and June when the weather is quite pleasant in this region. However, if you are a snow monger and do not mind chilly nights, you can also take up the trek from January to March.

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4. Chadar Trek

This is surely one of the most unique as well as the most exciting winter treks throughout the world. This trek is done on the frozen river of Zanskar in Leh during the winter months. Trekkers also get to witness the layer of rocks underneath the crystal-clear frozen waters of the river.

The starting point of this frozen river trek is from Chilling and takes you almost 105 kilometres into the frozen depths of the Himalayas in Leh. This is quite a difficult level trek. So you are advisable to be taken up by people with good levels of fitness and a decent amount of trekking and climbing training.

Treks in Himalayas

5. Markha Valley Trek

This trek takes you through a completely different experience of the semi-arid Ladakh region. The trek takes you through Gandala La Pass and the Kongmaru La Pass. It allows you to witness the true beauty of the untouched Himalayas.

This trek gives a wide experience of the diverse Buddhist culture with its endless monasteries, museums, temples, that are situated at unimaginable heights. This is a 75 kilometres long trek and considered to be a difficult level trek.

Markha Valley Trek takes you through some of the most beautiful rock canyons and rivers of the Ladakh region. Thus provides you a completely different experience than any other trek.

6. Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This trek connects the lush green valley of Kullu to the barren mystical valley of Spiti. As the name suggests, the trail takes you along the gushing waters of the Parvati river. It provides you with some of the most diverse views of the Himalayan region in Himachal Pradesh.

The trek stretches over almost 110 kilometers and allows you to catch some of the most breath-taking views of the alpine forests in the region. To take up this trek, it is mandatory for the participants to have at least basic knowledge of climbing.

The best time to take up this pass trek is from the month of July to September.

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