Appenzell is a capital of canton Appenzell Innerrhoden. It is the village located in the Eastern Switzerland in the valley of Sitter. It is surrounded by landscape green mountains and has a rich cultural heritage. It is a beautiful historic village, where still old traditions are followed.


Everything You Need to Know About Appenzell Tourism

Appenzell attracts tourists for its car-free village. People come to relax and unwind in this calm village. It is a paradise for hikers and skiers. There are numerous hiking trails and ski areas such as, Hoher, Kronberg, Kasten and Ebenalp-Schwende.

Appenzell is famous for its embroidery. The traditional dresses have most beautiful embroidery. The houses are painted with beautiful vibrant colours, which are extracted from medicinal herbs. Locals still follow the old traditions and festivals. One such festival is, Alpfahrten. It is a festival of cows which is held in the beginning of September every year. Large number of cows gather here from the alpine pastures followed by the processions, where people dance for the folk music along with their decorated cows. Never miss a chance to shop your favorite souvenirs from Switzerland.

It is also famous for the production of cheese. You can witness the cheese making in the cheese factory and can taste the delicious cheese from wide variety. Appenzell has many old monasteries, historic buildings and museums which attracts tourists from worldwide.     

Visit Appenzell Santis

Santis is the highest mountain in Appenzell which is located 2502 m above the sea level. You can have the picturesque view of 6 countries such as, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Liechtenstein from this mountain peak. Board a cable car from Schwagalp to reach the summit. Enjoy the breathtaking view through the cable car ride.

Santis can be visited year-round. During summer, you can go for hiking through the mountainous terrain. There are many marked trails, where you can witness alpine farming practices and can see wide variety of flora during hiking. Overnight stays are available at the summit only in summer. 

During winter, Santis offers many adventurous snow sports. Skiing is highly recommended for experienced skiers as there are chances of avalanche. You can go for sledging along the hiking trails. Get your Skiing gear packed without missing.

Santis is the best place in Appenzell to witness the dawning and dusking hours. There are many restaurants at the summit, where you can taste some local delicacies. 

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How to Reach Appenzell

St Gallen is the nearest city to Appenzell. Travelling in train is the most convenient way, which takes around 45 minutes to reach Appenzell from St Gallen. For every half an hour, train ply from St Gallen railway station to Appenzell.

There are many guided tours operate from Zurich to Appenzell.  Some of the guided tours are mentioned below.

  • Plan a day to Eastern Switzerland from zurich to a beautiful village of Appenzel with Veltra Tour Package and get a free time to shop Lindt Chocolate Shop and also participate in cheese tasting at Appenzeller cheese factory.
  • Plan a Private Trip from Zurich to St. Gallen and Appenzell with Switzerland-Tour and opt for an excursion to Mount Santis. During the trip you get a chance to visit Abbey Library, known for world’s most beautiful library and switzerland’s oldest one.
  • Two options of exploring Appenzell provided by Get Your Guide, Mountain Cheese and chocolate in Appenzell which takes 11 hours and Private Trip from Zurich to St. Gallen and Appenzell which takes 9 hours. The later one will cost you more. Check out the highlights and decide between the two.

2 Farm Stay Experience at Appenzell

So when you come to a place like Appenzell, a lovely village, you should take the opportunity of living the village life. It offers you farm stay which you have to experience to the fullest. You can get an  incredible farmstay experience at Steigmatt Bauernhof- Erlebnis and a unique glass roof stay at Hof Dietrich.

Hotel in Appenzell

Hof Dietrich

Address: 2787 Holzlistrasse, 9100 Herisau, Switzerland

Mt. Santis is 20 km & Kronberg is 12 km

The nearest airport is St. Gallen-Altenrhein Airport, 24 km from Hof Dietrich.

Hotel in Appenzell

Address: Steigmatt, 9462 Montlingen, Switzerland

Montlingen-Letzau Bus Stop is a 10-min walk and the Altstätten Railway Station is 5 km away.

You can reach Rhine river in 20 min walk & Abbey Library is 17.3 km

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Photo by Sangia , Niklas Tidbury on Unsplash


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