African Safari is the thrilling and a memorable experience. And there are some best places in africa for safari, if you are looking into 3 best Safari Destination in the World, one can be Okavango Delta, Botswana.

There are certain rules and regulations which one has to follow while participating in a safari. This is called safari etiquette. The rules have formed in order to protect the beauty of nature and the wildlife. Here are few do’s and don’ts in safari which everyone has to follow.

African Safari

Things To Do in an African Safari

  • Wear Neutral Color Clothes

Right dressing to your safari ride is mandatory. You should wear neutral color clothes which do not attract animals. Bright color dresses might attract the animals. Animals always feel comfortable among natural neutral colors.

  • Ask Questions to Your Guide

Don not hesitate to ask questions to your guide. Guide is the best person who know completely about the wildlife. So, by asking many questions to your guide, you will get more information. They are always ready to answer your questions.

  • Be Flexible

Sometimes, the ride might be difficult and might take too long or sometimes you might not spot any animal after a long safari. You can expect a tougher ride through the bushes, crossing a stone field or crossing a river in order to spot an animal. There may be too windy or hot sun. Therefore, be prepared and flexible for the safari.

  • Ask Your Guide to Stop

If you spot any animal or if you wish to take many pictures, you can always ask your guide to stop. He always cooperates and give you the best safari experience.

  • Keep Your Phone in Silent

A phone ringtone will definitely ruin your safari. Animals get distracted to sounds. Playing music is strictly prohibited in the safari. Therefore, always keep your phone in silent and enjoy the safari.

  • Always Remember to Tip

Tips vary depending on the location and company in Africa. You can consult your tour operator about the tip and give appropriate tip to your safari driver, guide and camp staff. Their basic salary rely on the tip.

  • Respect the Local Culture

During your stay in Africa, you will meet many locals with different cultures than you. Respect their culture. You may get a chance to meet many tribal people during your safari. Never ask questions which hurt their respect and feelings. Do not take photos of the locals without their permission.

  • Carry Mosquito Repellent and Sunscreen

It is always safe to carry mosquito repellent to save yourself from mosquitoes and many insects. Malaria is most common in Africa. Protect yourself from the diseases caused by insects and mosquitoes by applying a mosquito repellent cream. Your safari ride will be in an open vehicle in which you will be exposed to hot sun. Therefore, to protect from harmful UV rays, sunscreen lotion is recommended.

  • Carry Sufficient Cash and Medicine

As there are not much ATM, always carry an ample cash with you. You might be allergic to dust so, carry required basic medicines and first aid kit in case of emergency.

  • Turnoff the Flashlight in Camera

The flashlight of the camera might affect the animal’s vision. It will also disrupt the animals. Therefore, always turnoff your camera flashlight and stay calm during photography and videography.

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Things not To Do in an African Safari

  • Do Not Get Out of the Vehicle

Due to safety purpose, do not get out of your vehicle unless seeking permission of your guide. Some people might get excited by seeing the wildlife and get closer to it to take photos which is strictly prohibited. Always stick to the group which is headed by a guide.

  • Do Not Ignore Your Guide

Your guide knows everything about the jungle and the wildlife. Always follow his instructions. He will do his best to give you wonderful safari experience by keeping you safe. Therefore, always listen to him and follow the safety rules. 

  • Do Not Talk Loudly

Animals have strong sense of hearing and stay away when they listen to human voice. It is a common tendency of human to get excited if they spot a wild animal and tend to speak loudly and call out the animals. Always stay calm and quiet during your ride to enjoy the safari and spotting many wild animals. 

  • Do Not Pack More

The space is limited in the safari vehicle. Africa has strict luggage allowances for the safari. Pack your luggage wisely and do not over pack with unnecessary items. Carry items which is most useful for the safari.

  • Do Not Feed the Animals

Never treat the wild animals as pets and try to feed them. It is dangerous that you never know the behavior of the wild animals. They might attack you. Feeding animals might teach them to approach humans and forgetting their natural hunting capacity.

  • Do Not Be Over Demanding

It is very difficult to spot animals in safari. Remember that this is the safari and not a zoo. Guides do their best to give you the best safari to spot the animals. It may take more time to see animals. Therefore, never over demand your guide and make them uncomfortable and annoy them.

  • Do Not Litter

Littering is strictly prohibited. Jungle is a home for animals and you should leave the nature as it is. If you have anything to throw, then keep it with you in the vehicle and later throw in the dustbin.

If you follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts, then your African Safari will be the most enjoyable, breathtaking and a memorable one.

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