I was very keen to plan a trip to the Maldives with my friends a few weeks ago and discovered thrillophilia while looking through suitable and affordable packages. After reading numerous positive thrillophilia reviews, I decided to book my trip with them, opting for the 5-days/4-night package. Our trip was very well planned thanks to Thrillophilia, and everything was done exactly as stated in the prospectus.

Thrillophilia’s welcome at our arrival:

When we arrived at the airport, we were greeted warmly by our tour guide arranged by  Thrillophilia. He was waiting for us in a clean and spacious sedan which was thoroughly sanitized. It was a 40 minute ride to the hotel but It was worth noting that during the short ride we were made comfortable and were also offered water to relax.

On arrival at the resort, we received a warm welcome and since our bookings were made priorly by thrillophilia,  the checking in process was hassle free. Since we reached almost in the evening and were a bit jet-lagged, we went around the resort to explore at the later part of the day.

Well-managed and exquisite staying arrangements:

The available amenities made our stay comfortable and at ease with a pleasant atmosphere. There were a variety of events that took place both indoor and outdoor which was enjoyable and not to mention there was a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio at the resort, for fitness freaks.

The other facilities like room service, laundry, Wi-Fi access were undoubtedly good. We did not have any kind of discrepancies and during our stay, Thrillophilia ensured it was an enjoyable and incredible experience.

Maldives Tour Package from Mumbai

The relaxing Unwind at Maldives:

We spent almost one entire day enjoying the facilities in the resort and as Maldives is well-known for its spas, we had a relaxing complimentary spa along with specially curated music which was indeed relaxing. Not to mention the staff at the resort made sure there is tidiness and had rigorous health & safety measures guidelines being implemented.

In the evening, we had a sunset dinner alongside the water, which was beautiful, after which we spent the night star gazing, doing some fun activities like playing games, dancing as well as drinking at the resort.

A day of our beach adventures:

The next morning with the beach on our doorstep and the ocean in sight, it was a spectacular view and as the Maldives are made for adventure and water sports, we managed to do day trips to explore the surrounding atolls and the capital city of Male. The added advantage we also had was our breakfast, lunch, and dinner which were arranged by Thrillophilia and were a part of the package.

So, we started our day with a healthy meal organized by Thrillophilia and went ahead to visit Maafushi where we enjoyed a dolphin safari, snorkeling, and fishing. We did a three-point snorkeling safari wherein we got a chance to visit three different snorkeling locations. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience just as mentioned in numerous thrillophilia reviews. Besides that, we also went to several surrounding attractions and shopped for some lovely souvenirs in the thriving local markets.

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Seafood and museums:

As Maldives is well thought of for beaches, on the following day, we visited a few beaches that are quite famous there namely the Cocoa Island Beaches, Reethi Beach, and the Lily Beach. The best part of the trip was to visit the beaches as they had picturesque views which were quite attractive and also gave us a sense of gratitude towards nature.

In the afternoon, we had a chance to order seafood in fact as a part of the package from the renowned restaurants and shacks that were highly pleasant and scrumptious.

At the later part of the day, we visited the national museum where we saw various household wares, weaponry, religious relics, and Thaana-engraved wood which all were scrupulously kept at the museum and hold great significance.

Adrenaline rush of Adventure sports :

On the next day of our trip, we did a couple of adrenaline rush water sport activities such as Wakeboarding, surfing, Stand up paddleboarding, scuba diving and quad biking. We also enjoyed several other water sport activities including flyboarding which was done nearly 72 feet above the sea level and kayaking to observe the marine biodiversity beneath the water surface.

We had a memorable and divine experience which was truly breathtaking and adventurous just as mentioned in thrillophilia reviews. We also did a Submarine Tour from Male where we got a chance to see the breathtakingly beautiful underwater world.

We concluded the last day of our trip where we bid our goodbyes to the lovely place and headed to the airport to board our flight back home. Overall, I would like to mention special credits and heartfelt thanks to thrillophilia for making our experience such a memorable one. I would surely like to recommend thrillophilia to anyone looking forward to planning an unforgettable and well-planned trip with their loved ones.

Essentials for Maldives Trip

Cotton Clothes and Linen Dress

Sunglasses, Sunhat or Umberella

Sunscreen for Face / Aloevera Gel for Skin

Moisturizer for dry skin and Lip balm for Chapped lips

Long Pants for Men / Long Skirt or Palazzo Pants with Long Tops

Most Comfortable Shoes to explore places by walking.

Bandana for Men and Women

Snorkeling Gear

Biodegradable Wipes

Ziploc Bags for Storage and Biodegradable Toilet Paper

EcoFriendly Water bottle and Biodegradable Garbage Bag

If you are going for more than a week stay, have Bamboo Cotton Buds and Travel Nail Clipper Set

Sustainability in Travel

While planning your vacation away from your daily routine and making your to-do list, do not forget to add environmentally friendly products into your bags.

Eco travel is the future of tourism and to make a difference, becoming a responsible tourist is key. So, no matter where you are traveling, reducing your carbon footprint by following eco tourism examples that multiple businesses are now setting will help both you and the environment, making your escape from work more beneficial and wholesome.

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