Switzerland is the safest country in Europe. The question is widely asked, Is Switzerland Safe to Travel even if the crime rate is low but however, travelers should always give a priority for safety. Whether you are a solo traveler or you are in a group, you should always follow the safety measures while traveling in any place. Below mentioned are few tips for safe travel in Switzerland.

Is Switzerland Safe to Travel

Get Updated on Weather

Weather in Switzerland keeps changing frequently. Be extra cautious when traveling to mountains as there are chances of avalanches. Always check with your hotel or tourist officer for the possible area of avalanche and current weather condition before heading to mountain area.

Be Extra Careful at High Altitudes

Mountains in Switzerland are in very high altitudes and people may find difficulty in breathing at higher altitudes. Therefore, walk slowly at higher altitude to get ample oxygen for the body. If you have a prior history of heart or lungs related disease, then you should take a consent from the physician before traveling to mountains. In case of medical emergency, dial 144.

Use Public Transport

Public transport is the safest mode of transportation in Switzerland. Always use public transport to explore various places in Switzerland. Busses, boats and railways are very convenient to use and you can even go for Swiss Travel Pass which can be used for bus, boat and train.

Have an Eye on your Belongings

While traveling in bus, boat or train, always keep your belongings close to you as there are pickpockets. Do not hang your bag to the chair when you are in a restaurant. There is a chance of theft when you are in a crowd. Therefore, secure your bags when you are in railway station, bus station, museum, or in any other crowded place. In case of police assistance, dial 117.  

More About Switzerland

Be Careful while Self-Driving

Roads in Switzerland are well constructed and safe. When you plan to self-drive in Switzerland, obey the traffic rules and know the speed limit. If you cross the speed limit, you will be fined. Driving on the mountains will be challenging. When traveling to mountain areas, mind the snow as roads might be slippery due to snow. When enjoying some wines and beers of the region, make sure that you do not drive after consuming alcohol. Drink and drive is strictly prohibited in Switzerland. 

Drink Tap Water

Switzerland is one of the cleanest country and the water is very pure. The tap water is potable and is always fresh as it comes from clean mountains.

Purchase Insurance

It is better to purchase a travel insurance prior arriving at Switzerland. Purchasing Mountain Search and Rescue insurance is very important if you are planning for adventurous outdoor activities at mountains.

Stick to Marked Path

When you are hiking in mountains, always stay on marked path for your safety. As places might be slippery or muddy and there will be many poisonous snakes. Therefore, do not take shortcuts and always follow the marked path.

Learn Local Language

Switzerland is multi-lingual country. French, German, Italian and Romansch are most commonly spoken languages. Try to learn some basic phrases of any of the mentioned local language to feel safe while traveling in Switzerland.

Always Carry Your Identification Card

Carrying identification card such as, passport or driving license while traveling is a must. In case of any police enquiry, showing your ID card will be helpful. Always make copies of your ID card and secure it with you. You will be treated as illegal immigrant if you lose your ID card.  

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Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

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