The summers are around the corner, and you would have started planning various outings and activities with your friends. After the outbreak of the coronavirus, outings have become scarce, and people are just waiting to go out and enjoy themselves. But there is another concern that has made it into the lives of the people and that is global warming.

Since it is an important matter, it would be best to make sure that any activity that we do this summer is as eco-friendly as possible. So, on that note here are some eco-friendly activities that you and your friends can have as summer plans.

Eco-Friendly Activities

Host/Take Part in a Cleanup

Cleanup are now trending all over the world thanks to social media. These are basically some cleaning activities organized by NGOs to pick up and properly dispose of litter from public places. These places are usually places where the natural beauty is being taken away by the litter lying around thrown by irresponsible citizens.

Beaches, parks, rivers, ponds, and so on are some common areas where these activities happen. They can be a fun way for you and your friends to interact with people and contribute to the environment at the same time.

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Eco-Friendly Activities

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Go on a Hike

Instead of going on a drive and burning fuels, it’s much better to go on a hike with your friends. This saves a lot of carbon to be released into the atmosphere which is a major gas behind global warming and that is how we can contribute to creating a sustainable environment.

A hike can be done on any trail or a route long enough to give you a sense of adventure. It can help you stay physically fit as well as make you learn to appreciate nature.

Eco-Friendly Activities

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Go Camping

Camping is an amazing way to connect with nature and if you go with friends, you will be able to form a strong bond with them too. It basically requires you to go on a nature trip, tent set up, and live out at least a day in such a way. You won’t have many modern facilities with you like a bathroom or a nice bed so you will have to learn to live with what you have.

Many groups of friends go camping every year to remote locations. Some take things like alcohol and vapes along with them. Since you would go on a nature’s retreat you can think of buying biodegradable vapes and other such commodities.

Such things can be fun, but one needs to be careful about not consuming too much of anything.

Eco-friendly Camping Supplies

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Start Cycling

Cycling groups have also picked up since the coronavirus pandemic. People have started to realize the worth of indulging in physical activities that are healthy for body and mind both. There are many ways in which cycling helps physically and mentally. It is better to sometimes leave the car home for nearby destinations and cycle to it instead.

Eco-Friendly Activities

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Most of these are eco-friendly activities that can help nature in many ways as there is always a need of environmental conservation and can also let us have some fun. Plan such activities out with your friends this summer and go enjoy them without having an ounce of guilt!

Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

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