Christmas is a grand celebration and has a huge impact on environment. Therefore, to reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment, you can go for Sustainable Christmas through natural decoration and thus, save the planet. By being conscious about our environment, here are best ideas from some of the beautiful bloggers out there for eco Christmas decoration. Have a look at this article and get some wonderful eco-friendly ideas to decorate your house and thus, make this festive more eco-friendly.

Dried Orange Garland

Dried oranges give an exotic look for Christmas decoration and that has been utilised very well by Maker Mama. Tie these wheels and string them in a garland. They will add a natural glossy look and are the best eco-friendly decorations. They also spread a beautiful aroma which makes you feel fresh.

Sustainable Christmas
DIY Dried Orange Wheels

Cut the oranges into thin round slices and place in a tray having baking paper. Put in the oven with 100 degree Celsius for two hours. Remove it and flip the slices and again place in the oven for two hours. Now, you will get the perfect dried orange wheels ready for Christmas decoration. 

Check out the entire steps at Maker Mama.

Eco Friendly Christmas Ornaments


Sea shells make a beautiful ornament for Christmas decoration. Just hot glue the twine to the sea shell and hang on the tree to make it look charming. You can even paint them with vibrant colours to look more attractive. These treasures from sea makes your Christmas tree look special and captivating and is very easy to hang.

Check bit by bit details of Christmas Ornaments at coastal wandering.

Sustainable Christmas

Go more creative by using natural feathers to decorate your Christmas tree. These simple yet elegant feathers give your tree a chic look and is the best eco-friendly idea to decorate a Christmas tree with zero investment. Just get some fallen feathers and hang on the tree to have a unique decoration. You can even add some glitters on the feathers to look more elegant.

Check bit by bit details of Feather Christmas Decorations at Shelterness.

Sustainable Christmas

Pinecones are the best eco-friendly ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. Just collect some fallen pinecones and with the help of ribbon, tie them to the tree. You can even go creative and make pinecone reindeer. Add red nose and eyes to the pinecones and stick few twigs to make it look like reindeer. They are the cheapest eco-friendly ornaments for Christmas tree decoration.

Check bit by bit details of Pinecone decorations at makeit & Loveit.

Sustainable Christmas
Tips for an Eco Friendly Christmas

7 Tips for an Eco Friendly Christmas

Christmas is the season of celebration. Let us spread love and joy in this Christmas by making it eco-friendly. Using household or used items or picking from garden is not only sustainable, but also equally attractive.

Old Paper Decorations

Paper Chain

You can go creative and have fun with paper decorations. Think of any shape or a gingerbread man, fold the paper and cut it and make a chain out of it. You can even paint these paper chain or stick some old used items in the house like, buttons, beads and many more to look more creative. It can be the best creative eco-friendly Christmas decoration. Tree shape and star shape paper chain make a beautiful Christmas theme decoration.

Try this by following the instruction at firstpalette

Paperback Book Mini Tree

Not everybody has a large space to place a tree therefore, this paperback book mini tree is an ideal space saver. If you have any old books which is not useful, then try to make mini tree out of it. It all needs your creativity to make this Christmas a fun filled one. Even kids can involve in creating a Christmas tree. It is the best cheapest eco-friendly mini tree that you can create at home.

Check DIY Boston and try this sustainable Chic Christmas tree

DIY Paperback Book Mini Tree

Remove the paperback cover from the old book and then split the paperbacks and fold each half in the opposite direction. Glue the two halves using a glue gun. Add some glitters to have a bright look. This beautiful mini tree creates a chic look.

Sustainable Christmas
Sustainable Christmas
Eco Friendly Christmas

Newspaper Baubles

Use old newspapers to create a beautiful baubles. Just cut some pieces of paper and join together and staple it and then hang them using a twine or ribbon. This is the best creative baubles that you can create from old newspapers. If you find it difficult in creating these baubles, then you can buy it from Etsy.  


Sustainable Christmas

Keep your decorations natural and eco-friendly by using beautiful flowers. Beautiful vibrant flowers make charming decoration for your tree. If you have a garden, then pick some beautiful flowers and place them on a tree to have an eco-friendly Christmas.

Check out this beautiful floral Christmas Tree inspiratins by deliacreates, trueinspirationdaily & designlovefest


Fallen twigs from trees make a wonderful eco-friendly Christmas decoration. Just grab some fallen twigs and cut into equal length and then with the help of ribbon or twine, tie them to make a beautiful star or snowflakes. You can hang these stars and snowflakes on your tree or on the wreath or even make a garland. Go even more creative and create a rustic twig Christmas tree. This will be the beautiful
eco-friendly Christmas ornament to decorate a tree. These twigs give your house a rustic look.
Sustainable Christmas

Bark Candles

Sustainable Christmas
The fallen tree barks make an elegant Christmas decoration. They are eco-friendly as you are using a fallen bark. Make some holes in the bark and place tea lights. Decorate your house with its unique rustic look and celebrate eco-friendly Christmas.

Check decoist for more such ideas. They have 8 easy rustic DIY candle holders.

Cinnamon Sticks

Sustainable Christmas

Cinnamon sticks make a wonderful decoration. All you need is creativity to use these cinnamon sticks for Christmas decoration. Cinnamon sticks decoration are not only easy, but are also beautiful and aromatic. You just require cotton fabric, ribbon, twine and cinnamon sticks to make beautiful decoration. These sticks bring pleasant aroma in your house and give your house a unique rustic look. Some amazing cinnamon sticks decoration for your eco-friendly Christmas.

Make a Cinnamon Snowflake just like Camillestyles and make these candles like homestoriesatoz

Try Cinnamon Star from A Pretty Life, and Cinnamon tree found on Cosmocricket.


Wreaths are the most attractive Christmas decoration that you can make. For an eco-friendly decoration, use herbs, leaves, spices, twigs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, old newspapers, holiday cards and many more. According to your house decor, choose the right wreath and make this festive more attractive and eco-friendly.

Pinecone Wreath

Pinecones make amazing Christmas decoration. Create a circle using pinecone and tie it using a beautiful glossy ribbon to give you the store bought look.

Edible Herb Wreath

Make delicious wreath using garlic, chilies, rosemary and many other herbs and vegetables. This wreath is ideal for foodies and is one of the most unique eco-friendly wreath.  

Sustainable Christmas

Holiday Card Wreath

Sustainable Christmas

Newspaper Wreath by Sublimeonadime

Holiday Card and Old Newspaper Wreath

Use old Christmas and birthday greetings and old newspaper to make a beautiful wreath. Make use of these old papers and greeting cards to celebrate eco-friendly Christmas.

Old Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Sustainable Christmas

Light up your festive dinner by turning old empty wine bottles to beautiful candle holders. This is the best eco-friendly Christmas decoration which utilize old scraps. Just tie some ribbon over the bottle and place a candle. These empty wine bottles make perfect candle holders.

Found this green beauty recycled bottle idea from goodhousekeeping

Spicy Gingerbread Garland

Eco Friendly Christmas

Edible Spicy Gingerbread cookies are perfect eco-friendly decorations for a sustainable Christmas. Spiced gingerbread men can be strung together using a beautiful ribbon and can be used as garland to decorate your house or tree. It is a zero waste ornament that you can eat them after the celebration.

Found this beautiful Edible Gingerbread Garland from thecandidappetite

It is just about a decision, if you plan once to make it celebrate in an sustainable way, then there are a whole lot of ideas in front of you and start to celebrate a Sustainable Christmas for the years to come and it makes a lot of difference together.

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