When you are flying on a private jet, the luxury and conveniences surrounding you are getting most of your attention. Yet along the way, you need to remember that while the jet charter company has done its part to make your flight safe, there are things you can do as well to keep you, your guests, and the pilots and crew safe. So to have a fun flight, here are some tips and precautions to keep in mind.

Pre and Post-Flight Inspections

When selecting a private jet charter company, remember to select one with an excellent safety record. One way this is achieved is to work with a charter company that prioritizes pre and post-flight inspections of its aircraft.

This helps pilots and ground crew members locate potential problems before the next flight and arrange for repairs as quickly as possible. By using standardized checklists for these inspections, you can be sure nothing is being overlooked.

Private Jet Safety

Two Pilots in the Cockpit

While a private jet flight can be very safe with only one pilot in the cockpit, you will have an advanced level of private jet safety by working with a company such as Stratos that always places two experienced and highly-skilled pilots in the cockpit of your private jet. A rarity in the private jet charter industry, this ensures that some of the industry’s best pilots handle any situation that could develop quickly and expertly.

Follow the Crew’s Instructions

When you board your private jet, always pay close attention to whatever instructions are given to you by your flight crew. Although studies over the years have shown that flying to your destination by private jet is much safer than driving there by car, you always want to be prepared for the unexpected.

Whether staying in your seats with your seat belts fastened during takeoff or knowing how to access your jet’s oxygen masks in an emergency, listening to your crew’s instructions will give you peace of mind during your flight.

No Distractions

Along with having two experienced pilots in the cockpit of your private jet, you will also be glad to know that your pilots will follow FAA guidelines by having what is known as a “sterile cockpit” during certain parts of your flight.

This means that there will be no unnecessary conversation or use of devices that could be disruptive and distracting to the pilots within the cockpit. By taking this approach, your pilots will be better able to concentrate on your jet’s navigation systems and other crucial instruments.

Turbulence Issues

Since private jets are smaller than commercial airliners, they can be subjected to the stresses associated with turbulence more so than larger aircraft. However, this does not mean you can expect to be tossed around the cabin if your plane hits a rough patch of air.

If you want to do everything possible to avoid turbulence, consider taking an early-morning or late-night flight since weather conditions during these times lend themselves to less turbulence. You can also charter a larger private jet for your trip since it can better withstand the effects of turbulence.

Routine Aircraft Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on aircraft is the best way to ensure they stay safe. Even though your pilots are not trained aviation mechanics, you may be surprised to learn that FAA rules do allow pilots to perform select maintenance jobs on their aircraft.

Thus, should one of your pilots discover a part that is damaged or faulty, they may be able to fix the problem themselves instead of waiting for a jet mechanic. When you prioritize safety, your fellow passengers, and your jet’s pilots and crew, will have little, if anything, to worry about throughout your flight.

Whether it is performing inspections on the aircraft, keeping the cockpit free of distractions, or maintaining the aircraft in the best possible manner, flying on a private jet is safer today than at any time in aviation history. Once you realize this, you can sit back and truly enjoy your flight.

Author Name: Hannah Gilbert

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