Creating green environment now-a-days is more important due to global warming and changing climates. It’s everybody’s dream to make their house eco-friendly. Making  eco-friendly bedroom will create a wonderful ambience and you can feel relaxed in your bedroom by using eco-friendly products. Breathe fresh and sleep in peaceful green environment by creating eco bedroom. Enhance your bedroom interior by using below mentioned 7 eco-friendly bedroom ideas or products.

Cork Wood Clock

This beautiful clock is an eye catcher as it is a unique clock which is eco-friendly. It is made from harvested cork tree to save the environment. The quartz clock mechanism is non-ticking and can be conveniently used at nights in bedroom. It is easy to read the time with the big attractive 3D numbers with aluminum clock hands. It is sturdy, durable and lightweight. It can be the ideal eco-friendly gift option for your family and friends during any occasion.

Bamboo Bedside Floating Tray

Eco Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Keep your phone, glasses, tablet and others at your bedside which is easily accessible and well organized in a floating tray. This tray is made of bamboo which is sturdy and durable and is the best eco-friendly product to use in bedroom. The natural bamboo is bacteria resistant. This tray is 9 inches wide and is compact and thus can be used in dorms and also suitable for lofted and bunk beds. It attaches to any type of bed frame with 1.75 inch groove. The clamp secures the tray to the bed frame firmly. This tray can easily be cleaned using dry or damp cloth. It is the great eco-friendly space saver organizer tray for your bedroom and is suitable for all kind of décor styles.

Floating Wooden Shelf

7 Eco Friendly Wall Shelves to Adorn Your Wall

These beautiful and attractive eco-friendly wall shelves shelves are made with non-toxic eco-friendly materials which is safe for your house as well as the earth. 

Check out the 7 best stunning eco-friendly wall shelves to decorate your wall.

Moss Cube Eco Décor

Eco Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Make your house more refreshing and bring peace of mind in your bedroom with this beautiful Scandinavian natural moss in a wooden cube. This moss does not grow and remains stable. Therefore, it does not require watering. You get variety of colours of mosses and cubes to select from based on your décor style. The wooden cube is beautifully handmade and is the best eco-friendly bedroom ideas you can incorporate in your bedroom décor. It can be the ideal eco-friendly gift for your loved ones.

Important Note:

  • Do not keep this moss in direct sunlight.
  • Do not fertilize.
  • Humidity of the room should be maintained at 30-45%.
  • Radiators and other heat sources should be kept away 60”-80” from the moss.
  • Avoid moisture on the moss.

Coconut Bowl Candle

Eco Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Feel relaxed in your room with this unique scented coconut candle. It is made with natural organic and sustainable materials such as, coconut shell, soy mixture, organic aroma fragrance oil and is 100% paraffin wax free. The natural wooden wick is durable, reusable and completely eco-friendly. When the candle burns, it makes a crackling sound which gives soothing effect and create a great ambience similar as fireplace. Feel cozy in your bedroom with this coconut scented candle. You can select from three scents such as, lavender, green tea and lemongrass. The estimated burning time is 60 hours. It can be the unique eco-friendly gift for your loved ones.

Jute Braided Area Rug

Eco Friendly Bedroom Ideas

Make your bedroom look more stylish and eco-friendly with this charming area rug. It is made of jute and cotton. It is hand braided by artisans and gives you the chic look. It can withstand high foot traffic and is sturdy and durable. It can easily be cleaned with damp cloth. There are varieties of size and colours that you can select from based on your requirement. This eco-friendly area rug is suitable for all décor styles.

Bamboo Hook Rack

This bamboo rack is the best eco-friendly elegant product to use in your bedroom. It is made of natural high quality bamboo which is sturdy and durable. This rack has 13 hooks which is versatile and can be used to hang caps, scarfs, shirts, jackets, coats, belts, purses and many more. It is adjustable and can easily be adjusted for your required size. It can be expanded up to 44”. It can be fixed either vertical or horizontal based on your requirement. As this rack is adjustable, it is a great space saver and looks equally luxurious in your bedroom. It can be the best gift option for your loved ones.

Macramé Wall Hanging

It is believed that owl symbolize wisdom. Therefore, hang this beautiful owl macramé hanging in your bedroom and get answer in your dreams. It is made of cotton cord which is handcrafted by skilled artisans and it takes days to make this wall hanging. It is purely an eco-friendly product to use in your bedroom. Bring Boho décor in your bedroom with this adorable wall hanging. It can be the great gift for your family and friends and spread serenity with this macramé wall hanging.

These eco-friendly products will cut down carbon footprints and you can easily lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. These eco-friendly bedroom ideas or products are not only safe for the environment, but also improves your lifestyle and creates positivity.

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