The Hawaiian Islands are a scattered group of islands known as Archipelago, located in the U.S state of Hawaii.

They are one of the most popular vacation destinations where you can relax, unwind, and disconnect from the monotony of daily life. The island offers you spectacular landscapes and traditional cuisines, in addition to beautiful art and culture.

However, the four best-ranked islands known as the most renowned Hawaii tourist destinations are discussed here to help you choose one for your next vacation plans.

Sustainability in Travel

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful and popular locations in the world, so when you are planning your visit, be sure to mention to your guide that you wish to enjoy environmentally friendly travel. As efforts are being made to preserve wildlife and conserve our world, taking part in sustainable ecotourism has become vital.

This is why the Hawaiian government has established the Hawaii Green Business Program, which helps and highlights the contributions of businesses that operate in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.

This establishment also helps responsible tourists by providing a list of Green Hotels, which are an asset to ecotourism.


Oahu, meaning “The Heart of Hawai”, is the third-largest Hawaiian island. It is commonly referred to as ‘The Gathering Place.’ And is the best hawaiian island for family vacation.

If you wish to go on an adventure-packed, fun-filled holiday with your friends or family in the heart of Hawaii, you need to go to Honolulu, a highly exciting and crowded city surrounded by natural beauty and friendly, happy locals. There is so much for you to do in Honolulu, especially if you visit during December when the island holds several events such as Honolulu City Lights, Pipeline Masters, and Honolulu Marathon.

If the Christmas vacation is heading then Oahu is the best hawaiian island to visit in December. The distance between Honolulu airport to Oahu is 28.9 miles by road.

Best Hawaiian Islands to Visit


If you enjoy visiting historical places, then try traveling to Pearl Harbor which features a very old submarine museum as well as a recently refurbished park for some family vacation fun.


Oahu is also well-known for producing high-quality ukuleles. In July every year, the city organizes a massive Ukulele event in which musicians and Ukulele groups from all over the world come to participate.

Local Delicacies

For the local delicacies, Oahu offers local farmer’s markets, specifically the Saturday markets which provide fresh and flavorful treats in the daylight such as lemonades, Mochi (Japanese rice cakes), and brunch meals. You can also get a chance to have delicious main courses such as omelets and a variety of steaks in beef and pork, which is enough of an attraction for any food-loving visitor to enjoy.


Oahu is also known for surfing. It provides surfing exhibits in the Bishop Museum for tourists. You can also explore the north shore to surf and refresh your day, but if you are a beginner and want to have mellow aquatic experiences, the best option for you would be renting a resort near Waikiki Beach, one of the world-famous Hawaiian beaches. Waikiki Beach has shallow seashores which are safe for everyone so you can surf there easily, be it with family or by yourself. Kailua Beach in Oahu is know for kayaking.

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Traditional and Modern Fusion

The contrast between the traditional and modern lifestyle in Oahu makes it highly unique and different from the rest of the pack. It also stands out from the other destinations because of its low accommodation charges and its beautiful countryside.

Oahu is an ideal spot for those who want to travel to a big city to enjoy a diverse range of activities, like staying in luxury resorts, exploring fine dining, historical sites, museums, nightlife, and shopping to take back home some quirky souvenirs, and so on.

You can check out The Ultimate Oahu Travel Guide for more details about Oahu tours and trips.

Hawai’i (The Big Island)

The Big Island, often known as the Orchid Isle or Island of Hawaii, is another amazing place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Having twelve distinct climate zones, it showcases the highest peak and the largest acreage among all of the islands in Hawaii.

The best time to visit big island hawaii is in the months of September, October and November.

Best Hawaiian Islands

Natural Wonders

There are so many places to visit and so many natural wonders to see on the Big Island, including Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano with the island’s highest peak and a popular tourist site in all of Hawaii. To know more about this place, visit Maunakea Visitor Information and read everything on the volcano before you go exploring.

The Big Island’s towns of Kailua-Kona and Hilo are charming; the balmy coastal jungles in Puna and rainy little towns with friendly people and delicious cuisine are what make Hawaii worth exploring. For some unforgettable seven-day itineraries in Hawaii, check out Love Big Island.

Food Stuff

Hawaii is the only state where commercial coffee is grown, resulting in the world-famous Kona coffee. The Big Island has a wide variety of indigenous food items, including macadamia nuts, chocolate, fruits, and tropical flowers. The famed Hawaiian Poi (pudding), spam musubi (sushi hybrid), and poke (raw fish marinated in sauces) are also found amongst the Big Island cuisine. There are also microbreweries that sell their beers to pubs and shops around the island.

Diversity – Cultural & Ethic

The Big Island is a haven of cultural and ethnic diversity. A lot of cultural festivals are held here such as Merrie Monarch Hula Festival (in Hilo each April), the Ironman Triathlon World Championships (in Kona every October), and the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. Another hot spot for nature enthusiasts to go to is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which is a short drive from Hilo and a little farther from Kailua-Kona.

If you are excited by volcanoes, big open spaces, beautiful sunsets, and huge tropical trees, you cannot miss this spot. Just rent a car and travel to all these wonderful places, maybe drive on to see the summits of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, blanketed with snow. For car rental services on Hawaii Island, visit Kayak today.

Hawaiian Glasses

Planning a group trip to Hawaii or with your family, get set ready with all the accessories for perfect fun. Sunglasses with different shapes and themes is sure to make your photos apart from others.


Hawaiian Islands

If you are a fan of Maui, you must have heard the saying, “Maui no ka oi”, meaning “Maui is the best”. It is also known as the “Valley Isle”. Many people opt for a vacation in Maui because it is a halfway ground between the Big Island and Oahu. It is also a famous honeymoon destination as the stunning skyscapes and serenity of the place make it even more romantic.

The place has a lot of national parks and driving attractions such as the Hana Highway and Haleakala. Some more local attractions located in Maui are the Lahaina and Kaanapali beaches, Maui Ocean Center, and Lao Valley State Monument.

The perk of traveling to Maui is that it is small enough that you get through it in a week or less. If you find it fascinating and want to know more about it, click on Explore Travel + Leisure for a detailed guide on a trip to Maui.


The island of Kauai embodies the heavenly realm of aloha like no other, through its grandeur, untamed elegance, and legacy. It is mostly admired by hikers and travelers who enjoy being surrounded by wildlife and natural beauty. Kauai greenery makes it the most beautiful hawaiian island.

The best time of year to go to Kauai is between September and November. April to June is also a time to condeider keeping in mind the weather and low ticket prices.


Along with a lot of paradisiacal sightseeing, tropical jungles, and beaches, Kauai also offers delicious cuisine and local dishes. Huli chicken (barbeque chicken), Saimin (a noodle soup) Manapua (steamed buns with pork) are only some of the luscious treats found in Kauai.

Best Hawaiian Islands to Visit


Some incredibly beautiful sights for you to see in Kauai are Na Pali Coast, Allerton Garden, and Hanapepe. In addition to its breathtaking natural surroundings, the island provides a variety of outdoor activities for families and tourist groups.

Outdoor Activities

Ziplining above Kauai’s lush valleys, kayaking the Wailua River, snorkeling at Poipu Beach, and hiking on the Kokee State Park paths are a few of the incredible activities you can find in Kauai. The island’s laidback vibes and rich culture found in its little settlements lend it a timeless charm, perfect for you to relax in. Here is the perfect Kauai travel guide just for you.

Visit At Least Two!

Each island is unique, appealing, and beautiful in its own way and if you cannot visit all of these, at least visit two and you will find yourself compelled for visiting more.

All the islands mentioned here are some of the best hawaiian island to visit for couples as well. Still if you need to choose one, select Maui!

If you are traveling, these exquisite islands are a paradise you cannot miss and are the things to do in hawaii. They are without a doubt the most beautiful places on the planet and the most ideal for a much-awaited vacation. So, what are you waiting for?

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