7 Essentials You Should Pack for Your Next Business Trip

Packing Essentials for Business Trip

To make your business trip easier than ever before, I would first recommend to create your own checklist. If you take that little time once it will be much easier to pack the bags for your future trips. Missing accessories or documents during your business trip will be the worst nightmare you will ever have.

Here are 7 packing essentials for your next business trip so that you will never leave behind things again.

Connect with your Co-Workers

GoTenna Mesh is a device used to chat, Send SMS and Location information. And as the users review the range depends upon the environment where you are in. It can be used more in open area reach up to 4 miles. It is also reviewed that the messages can automatically hop with other GoTenna device and thereby increasing the range.

GoTenna Mesh is a very good device for two people going to different location to get connected in a business trip. They can also use the chat feature at the end of the day to update their progress.

Carry a Worldwide Travel Adaptor with Voltage Converter

This Travel Adaptor cum Voltage converter is your best travel partner wherever you go. Be sure to select the convertor mode or else your device will no longer functioning. There is a switching mode between adaptor and convertor mode. That has to be changed according to the use.

Features: It support 4 different pin types. It is light weight. It comes with a pouch. Can be used in more than 150 countries.

Get Your Wireless Portable Scanner

If you are business person with many documents to be handled then then make sure you have ES-60W, which is the version of the scanner that has wireless connectivity. This can be used with both computers and Android/iOS phones and tablets.

Features: Easy Installation. Wireless transmission and scanning from mobile devices.

If you are also looking with a wi-fi option you have this product VuPoint ST47 the reviews show some cons here so I don’t really want to recommend highly without exploring more.

Cons: Will not work with future IOS, so iPod & iPhone cannot use it. Scanner cannot link to multiple devices.

Get an International Wireless Hotspot

GlocalMe gives you a flawless internet access with a very long battery life. If you travel a lot and are looking for a cost effective, reliable solution to having internet access abroad, GlocalMe G4 should be given the highest preference. All you need to do is name the device and setup the wifi hotspot password and it was ready to go.

Features: Portable, Powerful wi-fi signal, Easy to use

Cons: There is no case, as it looks like a mobile, the screen has to be guarded.

Organise Your Digital Accessories

This water proof organizer is very comfortable and big enough to carry all your electronic gadgets needed for a business trip. Apart from your phone and your tablet accessories, you can also include speakers, camera and chargers. It also provides space for SD Card so that you don’t mis small items while travelling. There is a space for every cable you have.

Dress up for your Meeting Wrinkle Free

You don’t have to ignore this cute mini iron for your next business trip with many conference and meeting to attend. This is perfect for a quick touch up and can be done it anywhere on a cabinet or desk with a towel below. Attend your next meeting abroad wrinkle free.

Pros: Extra-long Power cord. Light weight. Space saver.

Noise Isolation Microphone

You do not want to miss another conference just because you are in the Airport or in any other noisy restaurants. Get one of these and it is worth the money you spend. With this Steno SR in hand you can silently communicate with zero background noise and neither others can here you. This product is a highly recommended one for frequent business travellers. Next time when you attend a conference call, don’t be ashamed or interrupted ever.

Get these easy yet useful travel accessories, to make your next business travel a successful one. There can be many other packing essentials for a business trips, but it changes according to the person and the nature of your business trip you are into. Some business trip may also include a fun day where you have to consider things for that day too.

Happy Packing!

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