Peacock is a magnificent bird. Peacocks are a symbol of beauty, reminding us to take pleasure in life.  It is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, love, compassion, soul and peace.

A peacock’s feathers are renewed each year so this is considered a symbol for renewal. So with all these qualities it has, one should not have to be unsure of having a peacock sculpture, vases or canvases to decorate your home.

Peacock Wall Mirror

Peacock Home Décor

This mirror, with this impressively sized peacock is sure to reflect well on your taste! These adorable mirror have a beautiful finish and right accents.

Peacock Wall Art

Peacock Wall Art are hand-painted with gorgeous shades of blue and green. The wings feature a detailed, textured design with the distinctive peacock “eye” at the top. This stunning wall art features an elegant peacock accented with sparkling acrylic stones on its swirling tail. The beautiful peacock is painted in shades of blue and green and has scrolling feathers.

Peacock Feathered Splendor Bowl

Peacock Home Décor

The beautiful peacock bowls with peacock center pieces make complete natural beauty

Peacock Candle Holder Set

Peacock Home Décor

These Peacock Candles will add more light to the flames. Let your candle melt on a royal holder by attracting your guest.

Peacock Table Top Clock

Peacock Home Décor

Sculpted and handcrafted to the finest detail in cold cast metal, the bronze Tabletop Clock features a beautiful, regal peacock perched on top. Your family and guests will cherish the playful, fanciful design of this table top clock.

Peacock Wall Clock

Peacock Home Décor

Teal Blue Peacock Clock is a unique statement piece … Symbolic of design excellence and superior craftsmanship, this Peacock wall clock comes with a ravishing mixture of several colors and crystals.

Decorative Peacock Vase

Peacock Home Décor

Display your dried or faux floral arrangements among the Feathered Splendor of the peacock. This decorative glass vase is a hand painted one with colors which makes it perfect as a gift piece.

Peacock Table Sculpture

Peacock Home Décor

Crafted with quality designs these sculptures are perfect for your home and garden. These sculptures are beautifully designed, elegant in appearance and durable to ensure years of use.

Peacock Decorative Tray

Peacock Home Décor

These trays will stand out on any table. You cannot take your eyes from this royal white and red tray. Golden lining add sparkle to the sea blue ceramic tray.

Peacock Jeweled Wall Shelf

Peacock Home Décor

You will love to have these decorative wall shelves to add to your favorite living spaces. These Brass wall shelves are ready to hold your tiny yet favorite accessories.

Peacock Pillow Cover

Peacock Home Décor

This item can be gift wrapped. A modern take on the natural trend, these fancy peacock pillows are a great accent to any décor. These Pillow cover will add elegance to your home along with comfort and style.

Peacock Jewelry Box

Peacock Home Décor

These Regal Peacock figurine is an exquisitely detailed box. Opens to reveal a storage compartment that’s been completely finished in a glossy enamel. These trinket box can be used to keep your rings and other jewels.

Decorate your home with these peacock home decor collections if you are a deep lover of this beauty. Also If you have a modern peacock item at your home, please take a click and send it to us so that we can include it here.

Happy Decorating!

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