There is an ever-reliable, unbreakable footing that keeps you safe and sturdy on high-traffic surfaces. The epoxy coatings! It is no wonder it has come to be known as the “King” among dozens of flooring materials and applications.

Get to know the King of Floorings, more popularly named epoxy flooring, and why it has taken the place of honor among many other flooring systems.

Epoxy is constantly impressing many space owners by how it transforms and brings excellent changes to the once-ordinary floors. It retains its authority in terms of strength and function while bringing in uncompromised aesthetics.

There are several ways and several places to use and install epoxy. Find out where and discover tricks on how to create unmatched design and flooring style outcomes!

The Best Places to Install Epoxy

It is no longer a big mystery how epoxy became the royal authority among various flooring systems and coatings. When one thinks of epoxy, immediately, garage floor areas will morph into your mind.

Garage spaces are where epoxy’s real abilities could be tested. Amazingly, epoxy never failed a test!

The expert installers at Cincinnati Garage Flooring can attest to this, and they have their clients to witness this incredible feat of epoxy coatings. Click here to learn more about these residential proxy uses!

Can you come to think of any flooring systems that can meet both stylish aesthetics while achieving unmatched strength? The epoxy floor’s unbeatable physical feat is just one standard why many surface owners choose to use it.

Imagine that from being a garage flooring King, it has also lured its way into commercial floor owners and captured anyone’s heart.

Then, from being a main star among public spaces with the likes of malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. It also now become a choice for investment among homeowners.

Epoxy Floorings
Epoxy Floorings

The King of Flooring’s Charm

Professional contractors of Miami Epoxy Flooring shared their insights for this discussion. Did you know that epoxy is the flooring authority among spaces in humanoid areas like Miami? The coating materials are not like paint or regular acrylic coating that will break under extreme heat.

That is why if you visit their website at you will see samples of epoxy floors among heat-prone surfaces like garages, but also among outdoor decks like pools. They use it as enhancers for ordinary exterior concrete finishing. You can go to your expert flooring installers near you if you want the same services.

This time, we will magnify epoxy’s charm. We enumerate the best qualities that define epoxy floors and floor coatings.

  • Smooth and sleek finish
  • High resistance to impact
  • Environment suitability
  • Tough-as-concrete features
  • King of Aesthetics

What would really set epoxy apart and put it at the topmost flooring rank is its ability to shed any of the most endearing and charming flooring designs! You can use any of the epoxy’s variations:

Flake Epoxy

This type is probably the most popular type of epoxy floor. The flake patterns resemble Pollock-like art masterpieces.

It creates a speckled pattern with the use of flaked paint chips. These small elements revealed a pop-art visual that creates a subtle but sleek stylized design on the floor surface.

It makes a chic look without the painstaking act of drawing or painting actual artwork on the floor’s surface.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic designs are now part of the modern architecture. Embellishing gold and silver accents create a rush of elegance to a space without having to spend actual gold.

So, the epoxy already has this seamless, shiny finish. Top with metallic gold paints or lustrous glittery pieces of paint. Voila! You will possess opulent spaces that shine before the eyes of anyone who visits your space.

Faux-marble Epoxy

Epoxy can be mixed with 9dual tones and more epoxy paints from other sheds. The design process you go through would follow the following:

  • A professional epoxy installer would apply a base coat using a single color. It is also what a primer paint would do.
  • With your choice of colors, maybe a contrast of shades of light and dark mix, these layers of epoxy would be called the design coat.
  • The technique using a paint stick or a thin steel brush is used to create a splattering motion of the second layers of epoxy on the base coat.

The faux marble patterns emerge. The secondary epoxy layers with different undertones would morph and spread on the surface. If you choose to use two or three more different shades of epoxy, then you can create a closer replica of the marble floor.

Commercial and Residential Epoxy Floors

With the right techniques and the right team of flooring contractors with years of expertise, using epoxy for any flooring system will result in the ultimate styles and designs. Only a true king of the floor would be able to pull off.

So now that you had a good look at an overview of the designs and style possibilities that epoxy can produce, it is a good question to ask, ”Where can I install it?”

Without further adieu, here are your most awaited answers to where epoxy can be installed.

Epoxy Floors for Populated Spaces

Let us follow in the king’s footsteps. As the leading authority is commercial floors, epoxy can be installed in high-population density and high-traffic areas. It has been to many places, and among its top visits will go to public spaces where the dense crowd can be found.


Mall owners will choose to install epoxy flooring, especially on the strips of massive long hallways.

It is easy to see why the malls. It has an easy-to-apply feature that can quickly resurface a concrete surface in spacious areas. The outcome also features a comfortable surface for long walks and hours of strolling in the mall.

And when your business space needs no downtime, the finished epoxy floors will be easy to maintain as time goes by. Even if hindered by mall goers flocking on the hallways and walkways, maintenance staff can still quickly do his or her job to mop away the footprint-marked and muddy areas.

Small retail shops.

Not to forget the small retail shops. Aside from the massive mall strips, epoxy is a common and practical choice for retail shop owners. Again, it serves its easy to maintain and easy to clean purpose.

Retail shops will easily have stained floors since it got a moderately small space. More shoppers would frequent the areas; thus, having an easy-to-clean and comfortable surface to walk on is the best thing to do.

Hospitals and sanitary facilities.

We have been all styles and talks of aesthetics. But now we unveil the honorable use of epoxy. Just like a King, it had seen beyond typical places. Epoxy is now the most preferred flooring system among function-specific areas such as hospitals.

These are highly-sensitized spaces. Among hospitals and clinics, epoxy features one of these important abilities by being a champion of nature-caring spaces and low VOC flooring.

It dominates the purpose of having to repel bacteria and microbes that carry diseases on the floors.

It is the flooring choice for health-wise space owners.

Home Kitchens and Dining areas.

This next area to install epoxy also requires a sanitary function.

Let’s go to your kitchen and dining halls for restaurants and hotels.

Any place you need to enjoy food requires that the floors be easy to clean and will be resistant to dirt, food spills, and thick, stubborn floor stains.

Epoxy’s seamless and sleek surface is just perfect for this kind of space. That said, you have no other choice but to rely on Flooring King!

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Image Credit: Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

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