Christmas arrives on our doorsteps bearing gifts, fun and festivities, and some much-needed family time together. From going caroling with family members to having hot cocoa before the fire, Christmas traditions are special for everyone.

With December right around the corner, most of us are looking for some unique home décor ideas and festive crafts. In all the fun and games, not to mention some delicious Christmas treats that you love indulging in at this time of the year, you cannot forget the Elf on a Shelf. Keep in mind the traditional purpose of Santa’s Little Helper, and let him hide around the house to watch over your children and see if they have been naughty or nice.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to make your Elf on a Shelf stand out this Christmas.

The Elf Helps with Cooking

Elf on the Shelf ideas

Give your little elf a duty this Christmas! There is nothing an Elf can’t do. Give him a whisk, a pan, and a few M&Ms so you have a happy little helper on Christmas Eve. Sit him on the edge of the pan and take a ton of pictures. But remember to keep the flame turned off because he can be a bit of a mischievous scamp.

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The Elf takes a Nap

Naughty elf ideas

After all the mischief and Christmas responsibilities, an Elf deserves a nice nap. A napkin and a tissue box with the top cut into the shape of a bed are going to be easy and great at the same time. All the Elf needs is a few minutes with his feet up before he goes back to report to Santa and a little bed ensures that you are on the Nice List.

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The Elf in a Fridge Shelf

Funny elf on the shelf ideas

Elves are used to the cold, so make some space in the fridge for your little Elf. Give him a nice little kitchen towel to keep warm and let him relax a little before he goes about his cute Elf business. However, don’t be shocked if you find a few of your cookies missing.

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Tortilla Elves

Easy elf ideas

Elves get tired of the shelves every now and then and look for odd little places to hide. Wrap them in tortilla shells and cut out spaces for their little faces. This way, they can watch the festivities and stay hidden in the most unexpected places!

Elf Snow Boots!

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

Quick Elf on the Shelf  – Elf in Boots

Keeping your elf’s feet warm during his trek through the snow when he goes back to the North Pole is important, so make sure that he has the proper footwear before he heads out to get in Santa’s good books.

The Elf Using a Mask

Simple elf on the shelf ideas

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Elf in Mask

With the pandemic around, Elves make sure to bring a mask. However, they don’t always use it the way it should be. This Elf, for example, chose to use it like a hammock to have a little nap before he returns to the North Pole. To help him, just take a mask and tie it to a spot in the house where he won’t be disturbed, and don’t be surprised if you find them routinely taking a nap throughout Christmas time.

The Elf Enjoying his Night Out

Easy elf ideas
Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Elf on Construction

With all the work that he has to do, an Elf needs to unwind. Set up a night out for him with different toys. Make a little scene and complete it with chocolates and candy to finish the look. A little relaxation for a little Elf goes a long way!

The Return of the Elves

Naughty elf on the shelf ideas
Easy Elf on Shelf – Elf on Glass Door

Did you know that Elves are excellent climbers? Couple that with their some playful tricks and you have a little bit of pre-Christmas chaos. Tape an elf to your window or wall and set another on a shelf, cabinet, or even the top of the drapes. With a little message from the elves, spread the Christmas cheer while the elves join in.

Climb up the Pillow Mountain

Simple elf on the shelf ideas
Simple Elf on Shelf Ideas – Elf Climbing the Pillow

Use the Elves’ excellent climbing skills and teamwork. Create a mountain of pillows and set the elves to climb it. Position one to help his friend up so they can sit on the top and watch over your whole family and join in the Christmas fun.

Baby Bottle Elf

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

If you have a baby, chances are that you will find your Elf in the most unlikely spaces. The Elf in this picture, for example, seems to think that a baby bottle is the best place to hide. All you need is a feeder bottle and an Elf, and you can have your own poorly hidden but utterly endearing little Elf, watching over your new baby as the family enjoys Christmas.

The Cereal Loving Elf

Funny elf ideas

Who doesn’t love a nice bowl of cereal on Christmas morning? This Elf seems to be in the mood for some cereal but went about it the wrong way. However, he doesn’t mind hanging out with fellow elves on the box. To have your Elf make this picture-perfect moment, just cut out a shape perfect for your Elf’s head and scatter bits of cereal on the table to complete the look. You are guaranteed an unforgettable family photo – with the Elf right in the middle of it.

Surprise in the Drawer Elf

Simple elf on the shelf ideas
Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas – Elf with Cutlery

Elves love hiding in the oddest places just for fun. Pick a spot that you think will surprise your family so your Elf can hide there and take down his notes for Santa. This one chose a utensils drawer, but he seems to be relaxing rather than observing.

An Elf with a Surprise

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

Elves love games and this one is no different. Let your loved ones wake up to a little game where they can solve clues with the help of Elves and find out what gifts await them on Christmas morning. It can add a spark to your holiday and the Elf is sure to enjoy it, too.

The Book Thief Elf

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

Sometimes, Elves take the Christmas spirit a bit too far, but all in good fun. This particular Elf has a love for Christmas stories and seems to be looking through a collection of books all about him. To help, all you need are a few books and a slightly ajar cabinet door and you can have your Elf sneaking about in the middle of his duties to enjoy a reading break.

Stocking Surprise Elf

Quick elf on the shelf ideas

What better way to see if someone is on the Naughty or Nice list than by hiding in plain sight? This Elf, for example, has found the best hiding spot of them all in a Christmas stocking. Although, if he doesn’t hurry, then the family will have an extra little surprise in their stocking come Christmas.


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