Microsoft Edge Problems and Fixes

Microsoft Edge Issues and Fixes

“Microsoft Edge gives you new ways to find stuff, read—and write—on the web”. Of course, it is going to be a good competitor for chrome and firefox. Though, Microsoft Edge has been largely welcomed by Windows 10 users, there are few issues reported. If you are experiencing any issue with the Edge browser , take a look at the below common issues and the solutions that can help you.

I am not able save web pages with Microsoft Edge

I am not able to set the default download location

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3 Responses

  1. herb says:

    all other browsers work fine … wont connect asks to use proxy server? network connection works fine. what can I do

  2. Yes To whom diss concern, I’m hving problems viewing videos on Amazon, and youtube/ all I’m getting is a sound stactic, and no video/ everything was ok video”s and all, until I got windows 10/ so I really dnt kno wht I need to do here.

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