When it comes to decorating your mantle, there is so much inspiration and so many ideas. How do you know which ideas will work as the best mantlepiece Xmas decorations? Well, worry no more! Let’s go over some of the best holiday mantel ideas for a stunning holiday look in your home!

Decide What You’ll Be Displaying on Your Mantel

If you decide to display seasonal items like Christmas trees or wreaths, you may want to remove any other items from your mantle, so that they don’t take away from your holiday decor. You should choose the ideas that match the decor of your home. For example, if your home is decorated primarily in browns, don’t display holiday items in blue. This will create a clash.

Choose the Color Scheme

Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Mantel

When decorating your mantle, you want to make sure to use warm tones in your decor. Warm tones include yellows, oranges, and reds. If you have a gold Christmas mantel, you can use cooler shades, like blues and grays. Depending on the rest of your decor, a warm tone can add vibrancy and brightness to your mantle.

You can also opt for a Scandi-Christmas mantel color scheme that includes using lots of classic colors like silver, gold, green, and red.

Think Seasonal

Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Mantal

You can also consider seasonal items when decorating your mantle. A seasonal item doesn’t have to be strictly for that time of year. For example, a wreath, is still a seasonal item, even if it’s not for Christmas. The same goes for ornaments or Christmas trees.

You can find seasonal items in many stores and online. You can shop by theme, color, or even price. Don’t forget to buy a cute Christmas fireplace mantel cloth to complete the look.

Go Symmetrical

If you’re decorating your mantle, then you’re likely going to want to pair your seasonal items with a few other pieces. To create a symmetrical look on your mantle, you want to pair your seasonal items with another non-seasonal item. For example, if your mantle is decorated with a wreath and stockings, you don’t want to forget about the rest of the year! For example, a Christmas tree, with a picture frame, or a framed quote, that isn’t about the holidays.

This will help tie your seasonal items together, without overwhelming your home. This will also create a more cohesive look. If you are going to hang stockings on the mantle, there are many ways to do that. You can color block or go from bigger to smaller, or vice versa.

Create a Focal Point

When decorating your mantel, you want to make sure to create a focal point. A focal point is something that is the center of attention. A focal point can be a decorative tray, with items on it, or an item that is placed on your mantle, such as a candle holder. There are hundreds of Christmas mantel ideas with candles. Christmas candles are a great way to decorate your mantle. Scented candles would work even better.

A decorative tray is a great way to bring some color and pattern to your mantel. You can also use a piece of artwork, a vase of flowers, or something personal like a photo that you want to display.

Make sure that you’re placing your focal point in the right place on your mantle. A good way to do this is to use a mirror so that you can see it from every angle. You don’t want to place your focal point too high, as it will be difficult for you to see it. A good rule of thumb is to place your focal point where it can be seen from the center of your mantle.

Hanging Garland on a Mantle

Christmas Mantle Garland

There are a few things you should keep in mind when hanging a garland on a mantle. First, make sure that your fireplace is clean before you start hanging any decorations. Garlands get snagged on small objects easily, so make sure you clear every nook and cranny.

Make sure that you hang your garland at least two feet off of the ground to prevent it from drooping or weighing down anything nearby. You could also opt for a battery-operated mantel garland.

Decorating your mantle can be a fun and creative process so you don’t necessarily have to choose typical December or January mantel decorations, you can play around until you find the perfect setting that you are satisfied with and that sets the mood for your home.

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Photo by Kenny Eliason, Benjamin Smith on Unsplash

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