Brainstorming his design plan for the HGTV Dream home 2023, interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn was aware that the home’s rugged location would turn out to be the primary source of inspiration. Each of the rooms of this bright mountain home consists of decorative elements that feature the Colorado landscape, including design accents and earthy-toned hues that go along with the appreciation for the outdoors as well as commemorate the area’s natural history.

Here are some of the things you will love about the upcoming HGTV Dream home in 2023:

A Color Scheme That Reflects the Terrain

Dusty greens, rocky grays, and clay-colored hues are colors you will see throughout the HGTV dream home exterior. The home is located on 2.5 acres of land in the small Rocky Mountains town of Morrison, Colorado.

The designers have used an earth-toned palette that was inspired by the soft green of the surrounding plains and the canyon colors of the notable rock formations. With the skylights helping out, these colors appear truer as if the sun were shining down on the natural landscape.

HGTV Dream Home 2023

Location-inspired Art

The place is filled with natural history. Morrison has been a defining landmark for amazing archeological discoveries like the world’s first known Apatosaurus and stegosaurus fossils. These cretaceous findings have been commemorated through a framed field guide for fossil identification in one of the bathrooms and a painting of dinosaur fossils in the living room.

Living Room HGTV Dream Home

The house also has influences from the town’s diverse outdoor recreational opportunities via drawing décor accents which are enhanced through natural light from the skylights. The hallways also feature an eclectic mixture of equestrian objects and sports along with horseback saddles and wooden snow skis on full display. Moreover, in the laundry room, there are cleverly placed rock climber figurines made to look like they were ascending the terracotta walls.

A Skylit Hallway

Hallways are usually overlooked, often dark spaces in the house but in the HGTV Dream Home 2023, the hallway is the standout room in the house. Like walking through the woods, the hallway evokes feelings of inner tranquility and peace as sunlight pours from above on the forest green walls. It also features a skylight which serves as a natural light focal point.

Connecting to the Sky through Design

Bedroom HGTV Dream Home

With it is time for bed, you can snuggle up under the covers and gaze at the starry sky via skylights installed all over the home. If waking up with the morning sun is not something you are into, then the skylights have shades as well that you can utilize.

Soak in a Private Tub

Bathroom HGTV Dream Home 2023

Though the house is made around natural elements, it does not fall short of luxury amenities. The bathroom in the HGTV dream home features freestanding tubs for a spa-like bathing experience. This is enhanced by fresh air and natural light. For the HGTV Dream Home in 2023, the bathroom remains private, cheery, and bright. Carrying on the brightness is a bathroom vanity that has balanced natural light making getting ready in the morning an energizing experience.

HGTV homes are beautiful from their interior to the exterior. There are lots of things to look forward to when it comes to the HGTV dream homes in 2023.

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Photo by Steph Wilson on Unsplash

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