Why our Brain Love Luxurious Interiors

Why our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors
When you think about luxury your brain connects the word with images of sprawling mansions, designer collections, sleek cars, and unavoidably – wealth. And the truth is, everyone loves luxury and lavishness, especially when it comes to interior designs. And the proof? Well, actually, the proof is all around us, and it shows every time you have the opportunity to peek into a celebrity home in one of the TV shows.

A scientific approach

Although there are certain items that can make your interior look luxurious, there is no set formula that will produce perfectly luxurious surroundings. It is not only about the decorative items or expensive interior design in general, it’s more about creating a particular atmosphere in the space. But the question remains – why do our brains love the luxurious interior?
According to a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there is evidence that suggests a link between the area of the brain that controls self-interest and luxury brands. It shows that we associate luxury with self-interest – our brain activity increases while looking at luxurious items and shows the connection between brands, self-reflection, and self-relevance. It means that being surrounded by what our brain perceives as luxurious stuff gives us a feeling of self-indulgence.

Creating your own luxurious interior

And there is nothing wrong with that! There is nothing wrong with creating an oasis in your home that makes you feel pampered. We often associate certain feelings with the concept of luxury – lounging on a plush sofa, taking a bath in an elegant Jacuzzi tub, cooking in a large kitchen with modern kitchen island, etc. Doing some of these things makes us feel as if we’re being indulged. It is no wonder why we browse design magazines and websites to find inspiration to create a luxurious paradise in our homes. Or at least something reminiscent of luxury.

Simple updates with a lot of impact

DIYing things like a faux fireplace, built in shelving system all over the wall, a simple reading nook or a window seat can instantly give your home a touch of luxury. These elements if made as the focal points of a room will give your room just the makeover it needed and make you feel comfortable in your home, ready to be pampered after a day of hard work.
Why our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors
Also, updating your kitchen appliances – replacing them with high-quality stainless steel ones, will give your kitchen/dining area a whole new, sophisticated and modern look. Whatever you do, just remember always to pick quality over quantity and style, since the style can be altered while you should avoid overcrowding the space because of the vibe of the place. Keep things simple and make a clear, defined and purified interior space in order to achieve the perfectly luxurious look.

Invest in quality

Why our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors
Nothing says luxury more than a perfect room temperature. You have probably never seen a celebrity sweating or feeling cold in her own home looking like, well, all of us – wearing old sweatpants cooling with whatever we find. It is very important to have a quality air conditioning system in order to keep the temperature in your interior ideal. It is essential to replace old systems since they are just increasing your electricity bill and not really creating a perfect, cool temperature in your interior, and aircon service in Sydney, New York, or wherever you are, is a thing you should definitely invest in.

Luxury doesn’t necessarily mean expensive

The main thing that stops us when thinking about the ways to intertwine luxury into our interiors is money. But not all luxury items have to be a huge expense, especially with a number of easy and quick DIYs that can create a similar experience.
If having a home movie theater, for example, is your way of creating a luxurious interior but you cannot afford it you can instead invest in a universal remote. The remote will let you do a number of functions such as dim the lights, adjust the sound, play the movie, etc. all from the comfort of your seat. Also, improvising a bar can make you enjoy the luxury and lavishness in your home, without needing a million bucks.
After reading this article you have probably made a list in your head of all the things you have to do, repair, update or change in your home in order to create a luxurious oasis that you’ve always wanted. Our brains love luxury because we are aware of the fact that we actually soothe ourselves and pamper our bodies with it. It is natural for our minds to want to infuse a little luxury into everyday life.
And in the end, one thing is certain – luxurious interior design will never go out of style and we are always going to feel drawn toward spaces that make us feel pampered! There’s no use in fighting it.
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