Traveling with a toddler is completely different than traveling solo or as a couple. There is a lot to consider like eating, sleeping, clothes, activities, entertainment. Although travel items list varies depending on the type of trip and what is your plan on doing with your little one, but we will give you a list of most useful items for traveling with a toddler.

Top Ten Tips to Travel with a Toddler

1. Baby Carrier Backpack and Baby Wearing
For families looking to have a versatile all around carrier that can work equally well on nature hikes as in the city.

2. Convertible Car Seat and Stroller
If you want to make sure about safety and comfort of your toddler during traveling, then you need to get a car seat.
Eventually, little legs get tired and they just want to be held.

3. FlyeBaby
If you fly a lot, then having this item you can see how placing a sleeping baby in one of Flyebaby swings would be so much more comfortable for everyone involved.

4. Portable travel chair
You can also take it with you when you are visiting friends and family that do not have a high chair available, so you can use it outside of travel situations too.

5. Portable Travel Crib
You will feel much more comfortable having your baby sleep in a bed that you are familiar with and it is reassuring to know that your baby is sleeping in a safe, clean place.

6. Toddler Sleep Sacks
These sleep sacks are a safer option then traditional blankets and they provide a clean, familiar sleeping experience when traveling.
7. Portable baby bassinet
This travel bassinet has a metal frame that folds to fit easily in your suitcase.
8. Baby video monitor
f It is small and easy to set—up, so you can bring it whenever you stay at a vacation rental or if there is a chance you will need to put your baby down for nap.

9. Baby bath tub chair
It is lightweight and fits easily in your suitcase.

10. Tablet with cartoons, games and white noise
You can have cartoons, movies, games, music, videos that would make a travel of you baby more fun.

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