Tips to Detect the Signs of Slab Leakage in your Home

Home is the best place to relax after a hectic work schedule. But, at times it becomes a cause of trouble for the owners. You may have experienced the issues of leaking slabs in your house. Slab leaks are those plumbing problems that can be the nightmare for the house owner if not fixed on time. As the water is leaked underneath the slabs, many times the homeowner does not get the clue.

Tips To Detect The Signs Of Slab Leakage In Your Home

Early detection is very important to get it fixed quickly without wasting any time as it helps in preventing any further damage to the structure. Also, early discovery and fixation save a lot of money and efforts. Therefore, it is important to have a look at the signs to detect the concrete slab leakage. Read the details below to know more about it.

Increase In The Water Bill

Sometimes, it is difficult to detect water leaks from the naked eyes because it takes place inside several concrete slabs. If there is an increase in the water bill without any change in the water usage habits then the house has leakage issues
Therefore, it is important to monitor the use of water in your house. If you think that there is a rise in the water bill then call the professionals to get the water leakage checked and fixed.

Sudden Decrease In The Pressure Of The Water

The water leakage in one or more parts of the house reduces the water pressure. This is also a sign that you must get the house checked if you are experiencing such an issue.

At times, just a single room or section is affected by the low water pressure but if your entire house has such a problem then the leakage of water is due to the external water source. In all such cases, it is advised to call the plumber and get the leakage of the water fixed.

Running Of Water In The Walls

If there is leakage in the walls of your house then you can hear the running water. In such cases, turn off all the faucets in your house and then listen carefully. If it is coming from the walls then get it inspected as soon as possible. Also, pay attention to the water meter.

Damages To The Foundation Of The House

The foundation of the house is the most important part of the structure. Water leakage can badly affect it. Water leaks can enter the foundation concrete which can lead to severe damages. As the water leakage starts, water flows in the downward direction of the structure. Thus, it reaches to the foundation and makes the structure weak. This also encourages cracks in the concrete.

Therefore, it is important to fix the water leakage in the walls and foundation. It is advised to take the professional help. Also, get in touch with the reliable high-quality concrete offering companies like RMS Concrete for the construction of robust structures.

Leakage Causes Bad Odour

Water in the walls can lead to the growth of fungus and mould. It is not just concrete that is affected by the water. If the house has wooden floors then the same problem occurs. The moulds lead to bad odour. If you find any such smell in the house, take the necessary action.

Hot Spots On The Floors

If you have hot spots on the floor then it can be a sign of slab leakage. Such spots are warmer than all the other sections of the floor as it occurs due to the hot water leakage. So, get the floors checked by the plumber.

Slab leakages are the common problems but that does not mean it must be taken lightly. Concrete is a strong substance but when it comes in contact with water for a longer period of time, it starts getting deteriorated and this leads to cracks.
Also, take the important actions as soon as possible and do not wait for anything. The longer you will take to treat the leakage, the more your structure will suffer. These tips will surely help you to know more about how to detect the water leakage and how to tackle them.

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