Andaman and Nicobar Island are the romantic havens for the newlywed couples from around the world. Irrespective of where you are right now, you will immediately feel the attraction towards these picturesque tropical islands the moment you set your eyes on the pictures of their turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches. It is the perfect setup for a romantic movie or a novel, with you in the lead!

The Eden for the newly hitched: The Andaman Islands for honeymooners

The romantic Andaman Nicobar tour package for the honeymoon couple

Whether you simply want to take long walks down the beaches or climb aboard a boat that is headed towards an active volcano island, you can do it together at the Andaman Islands.

A laidback honeymoon to take things slow

The beaches are ideal for bathing, romantic sunbathing, hours of endless chitchatting and of course romantic candlelit dinners. The Havelock beach is the perfect destination for the new lovebirds. This island has several resorts that have sea facing property. In fact, several eco-tourism huts stand proudly on the beaches offering the inhabitants an unabated view of the clear blue sea. No experience compares to the one where you can go to sleep together listening to the sounds of the sea and wake up together to unknown birdsongs.

Exploring new tastes for new adventures together

Andaman gives you the perfect excuse to do things together. If none of you have a taste for adventure, you can simply explore your taste for spicy Indian seafood. Your romantic honeymoon Andaman Nicobar tour package should include plans for candlelit dinners. The cuisine is unlike anything you have tasted on the mainland. The inhabitants have developed their recipes by replacing unavailable ingredients with local, endemic materials. Fresh seafood is one of the best ways to appreciate the location, geography, and topography of this place.

Trek or walk – you will have plenty of things to do as a couple

After a sumptuous lunch, you may want to idle a bit on the beaches, or you may want to burn a few extra calories by trekking to Saddle Point. It is a marvelous spot for enjoying a panoramic view of the sea, nearby islands and the horizon. It is a popular sunset point, and it has been the inspiration for many a renowned photographer. If that sounds a bit too much, you can travel to Radhanagar beach and simply sit down to watch a beautiful sunset, both of you will remember forever.

Rich history, cultural heritage, natural bounties and amazing food offer tons of perfect excuses for couples to find love right here. Andaman has been at the top of several romantic getaway lists for years now, and the appeal has not dimmed even a bit, thanks to its secluded location. The lack of human intervention and activity has preserved the pristine splendor of the tropical archipelago.
Andaman and Nicobar Islands have thousands of icebreakers for the romantic couple, fun loving couple and the adventurous couple. No matter what kind of a honeymoon you are looking for, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have the power to deliver it to you.

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash