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Attract Positive Energy to your Front Entrance

Some simple tips to attract positive energy from the front entrance to your home. Main Entrance to your home represents the approach to your own life so let it reflect in your own unique way. Let the front door be wide according to the size of your house. You can...

Keep your House Clean 1

Keep your House Clean

It is very important to keep our house clean, tidy and organized to fill some positive energy to it. Never keep your things unorganized as it will give way to bad energy. Home Cleaning is never an easy task. Some of the tips to be taken care of for having...

Food which Boost your Energy 2

Food which Boost your Energy

Provide your Kids with Food rich in Energy. School Kids are the busiest among anyone else, we all know that as we make them wake up in the morning to get them ready by the time their bus reach the stop. It’s all really a rush with their half sleep....