Provide your Kids with Food rich in Energy.

Food which Boost your EnergySchool Kids are the busiest among anyone else, we all know that as we make them wake up in the morning to get them ready by the time their bus reach the stop. It’s all really a rush with their half sleep. But by the time they reach the school they are fresh and will indulge in different activities and many other naughty things. When we see them getting early, we will all have a though of putting them to sleep when they are back from the school. Here is the funny part, where are they sleeping? They will again start with other playing activities both indoor and outdoor. This was the why I mentioned them before as the busiest among others. And for these busy activities, kids need some energy and they should get it from the food we are giving. Here we should be little careful. Check out some of the important tips:

Food which Boost your Energy

  • Feed your child at least 3 – 5 times a day. Let’s include 1 cup of green leafy vegetables, ¼ cup of vegetable juice or ½ cup cooked vegetables or fresh vegetables salad. Make it routine.


Food which Boost your Energy

  • Provide them with enough fruits, at least 3 – 4 times a day. It is better to make fruit salad daily and this work can be done easily. Include ¾ cup of fruit juice in their daily diet.



  • Food which Boost your EnergyGrains, Cereals and Pulses which are rich in bran is a good source of energy. Include little amount of brown/wheat bread, brown rice and roti in their everyday diet.
  • They should also get enough protein, so include food such as Fish, Meat, and Egg. Anyone of these will be enough for a day. Give them Curd and milk less in fat twice a day.


  • Always aware of including lemon, gooseberry and orange in their food as they are rich in Vitamin C and helps in increasing their immunity power.
  • Deficiency of iron will lead to anemia and also many other health condition like, tiredness, low school performance etc., overcome it by adding red meat, beans, cashews, pulses which are rich in bran/fiber and green leafy vegetables.

Food which Boost your Energy

  • Vitamin E is one of the important among others when it comes to kids. Cashew nut, vegetable oil, green leafy vegetables and pulses are rich sources of Vitamin E and can be included in their daily diet.
  • Food rich in Zinc will help to increase the memory power of kids. Food rich in fiber/bran, pulse. Egg, cashew nut and dried beans will help to increase their level of iron.

Keep all these points in your mind from Food which Boost your Energy, when you prepare the food for your little one next time.